Shen Xi saw that it was about time.
She flexed the muscles on her face and then put on a sullen and aggrieved look.

Looking at her increasingly skilled acting skills in the mirror, Shen Xi couldn’t help but laugh.
Sure enough, she had to fight fire with fire.

After going downstairs, the sad and aggrieved look on Shen Xi’s face immediately attracted Mama Lin’s attention.
Shen Xi was clearly in a good mood just now, so why was she unhappy now? Was it because of that poor girl Shen Xue?

“Miss, are you in a bad mood? Were you bullied?” Mama Lin immediately put down the food in her hands and hastily wiped her wet hands on her apron a few times.
She asked Shen Xi with a worried expression.

“No, I was just thinking, Mama Lin, your wholegrain biscuits were so delicious, but in the end, cousin threw it away.
I felt that it was such a waste.
How are there classes when it came to biscuits? Biscuits are just biscuits.” Shen Xi’s beautiful eyebrows were furrowed high.

When Mama Lin heard this, she was shocked.
How dare a poor girl despise her food? She even humiliated Shen Xi by throwing it away in front of her.

“Where did she even come from? How dare she be so rude to you! I’ll go up and tear her apart.”

As Mama Lin spoke, she rolled up her sleeves and took two steps forward.
Her fat butt twisted and turned as she went upstairs.

When she passed by Shen Xi’s room, Mama Lin went in and took out two gold bracelets.
She never fought unprepared battles.

The sound of banging on the door made Jiang Xue, who had just arrived, open the door in a panic.

As soon as the door was opened, Mama Lin rushed in and tore Jiang Xue’s things apart, scattering them all over the floor.

Jiang Xue saw the mess on the floor and screamed.
She had spent so much money to buy all these.

Mama Lin looked at the makeup scattered all over the floor and was overjoyed.
She originally wanted to frame Jiang Xue.
That’s why she went to Shen Xi’s room to take two gold bracelets and stuffed them into her bag when Jiang Xue wasn’t paying attention.

In the end, she didn’t even need to frame her.
Jiang Xue delivered the evidence herself.
She didn’t believe that with Jiang Xue’s shabby appearance, she could afford so many branded cosmetics.

Mama Lin glanced at the biscuits that were thrown into the trash can and was instantly enraged.
How dare she look down on her food?

“I can’t believe you stole your cousin’s gold bracelet!” Mama Lin’s voice was sharp and ear-piercing.

Jiang Xue looked at the gold bracelet on the ground.
She was in a daze.
She definitely didn’t steal it.
Someone was trying to frame her.

Shen Xi stretched lazily downstairs and barely stood up.
Xia Chun finally returned.

“Why are you here alone?” Xia Chun saw Shen Xi walking upstairs as soon as she returned and looked around for Jiang Xue.

“I’m here to drink some water.” As soon as Shen Xi finished speaking, a sharp scream came from upstairs.

The two of them looked at each other and quickly went upstairs.

At this time, Jiang Xue’s room was in a mess.
Jiang Xue’s cloth bag was teared, and the things inside were scattered all over the floor.

Seeing that Xia Chun had come over, Mama Lin had a sinister smile on her face.

Mama Lin immediately went forward and pointed at the things on the ground.
“Madam, young Miss, she has been stealing since she arrived.
Look at this gold bracelet.
Didn’t the young Miss wear this was she was young? Madam was the one who designed it, saying that it was a Buddhist symbol to ensure her safety.
There are also all these branded cosmetics here.
With her shabby appearance, it doesn’t make sense that she was able to buy so many of these.
They aren’t cheap.
Where did she get the money from? She must have stolen them too.”

Jiang Xue’s mind spun quickly.
Then, with tears in her eyes, she shook her head and said, “No, no, I didn’t steal them.
I really didn’t steal them.”

Xia Chun looked at the scene in front of her.
She was shocked.
Could it be that her daughter had been raised by that poor family to be a thief?

Even if she really liked her daughter, it would be very embarrassing if it were to spread that her daughter was a thief.

Xia Chun’s expression became serious when she thought of this.
“Tell me, what’s going on? Did you take these?”

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