147 Sharing One Fate

Jiang Xue accompanied Liu Cheng back to her dormitory.
She was still confused.
“Chengcheng, what happened to you? Shen Xi was the one who hit you.
Why did you say that you fell?”

Liu Cheng was very upset.
Still, she could not reveal Guan Lei’s identity.
She had not given up yet.
She believed that she could gain Guan Lei’s favour and, in doing so, have him stand up for her.

Guan Lei was someone who protected his own.
Liu Cheng was sure he would protect her as long as she was under his banner.
No one would dare bully her, just as Guan Lei had stood up for Shen Xi today.

“I don’t want to put Guan Lei in a difficult position.
Since he said I did, there’s nothing more I can do but admit to it.” The more Liu Cheng spoke, the more aggrieved she became.

Jiang Xue eyed Liu Cheng in annoyance.
“But as you can see, Guan Lei is only protecting Shen Xi right now.
He won’t appreciate it even if you think of him like this! Why do you have to put yourself in a difficult position? You’re only hurting yourself like this!”

Liu Cheng bowed her head, wiping the tears staining her cheeks.
“I know, but I believe that one day, Guan Lei will see how good I am and come to like me.”

Jiang Xue used to think that Liu Cheng was fairly unintelligent.
Now, not only was she dumb but also lovesick.

Just then, Jiang Xue received a video call from Su Ni through her phone, which she answered impatiently.

Su Ni’s mournful countenance flickered to life on the screen.
“Jiang Xue, please help me! Can you speak to Xiang Cheng on my behalf and ask him to save my family from ruin?”

Jiang Xue massaged her throbbing temples.
She had not settled the problem that was Xiang Cheng yet, so how could she speak to him on Su Ni’s behalf? She finally had two friends to call her own, yet each one seemed more useless than the last.
Jiang Xue did not know what was going on.

Su Ni’s family filed for bankruptcy after being sued for violating peoples’ privacy.
Meanwhile, Shen Xi was crushing Liu Cheng underfoot, with the latter now crying her eyes out.
These two ‘friends’ of hers were growing more and more annoying.
It was fine if they could not help her, but at the very least, they should not drag her down.

“Su Ni, I want to help, but as you know, Xiang Cheng and I haven’t reached that stage yet.
It’s not easy for me to talk to him at the moment… Liu Cheng is also experiencing trouble.
It’s all one big mess right now,” Jiang Xue said, sporting a troubled look.

Su Ni was at a loss.
As she cried, she asked, “What’s happened to Liu Cheng?”

Su Ni knew Liu Cheng through Jiang Xue.
Liu Cheng was the daughter of the Liu family.
Su Ni did not know if she could help her.

When Liu Cheng heard someone naming her, she immediately pushed Jiang Xue aside and wailed bitterly about her pain.

Two individuals, each sharing the same boat, cried on both ends of the video call.
They started cursing like two peas in a pod when they calmed down.
Jiang Xue, as the unwitting bystander, was rendered speechless.

Liu Cheng’s mood improved, while Su Ni stopped feeling sorry for herself.
Upon reflection, Su Ni realised she might have looked like a beggar, scraping for alms from anyone who would listen.
It was not an image she liked.
Su Ni listened to Liu Cheng’s harsh words directed at Shen Xi’s family and how she had been beaten up.

“Why don’t you tell your parents? I’m sure they’d seek justice for you.
With your family’s influence, wouldn’t it be a simple matter to have her expelled?” Su Ni asked.

Liu Cheng felt unbearably sad and answered weakly, “I’m afraid Guan Lei will be angry with me if I did.
I don’t want him to hate me, so I can’t say anything.”

Su Ni sighed.
“What else can I say? You’re making things difficult for yourself.
Do you think it is worth it?”

A long while after, Jiang Xue retrieved her phone from Liu Cheng and returned to her dorm room.
Having considered Su Ni’s words, Jiang Xue decided to make a call.
It was a call to Liu Cheng’s parents.

Shen Xi told Zhao Yuan to return as she followed Guan Lei around the field.

“Thank you for your help,” Shen Xi said, breaking the silence.
She did not think she could walk any more rounds with Guan Lei at the rate they were going.
She did not know how Guan Lei trained himself, but he seemed tireless.

Yet, that was not wholly accurate.
Guan Lei was tired, and the dark circles under his eyes were proof.
It was a wonder he had so much stamina.

Heat saturated the air even as dusk approached, and Shen Xi found it unbearable.

Guan Lei sighed, turning to look at Shen Xi.
He led her to the grandstand, where they found seats to settle themselves.

“Why are you suddenly in a bad mood? Did you not sleep well last night? Is that affecting your mood?” Shen Xi gently asked, her voice mellow with concern.

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