146 He Deserved What He Got

Jiang Xue had already brought the PE teacher to the locker room from outside.
She exaggerated smugly, “Teacher, Liu Cheng is about to be bullied to death by Shen Xi.
You must teach Shen Xi a good lesson.
She’s really too disobedient.”

However, when the teacher entered the place, the entire locker room was unexpectedly quiet and peaceful.
The only odd thing present was Liu Cheng and her dripping wet hair.

Jiang Xue had no clue of what happened after she left, nor did she know how Guan Lei suddenly appeared here.
Unsure of what to do next, she held onto Liu Cheng’s arm and complained, “Teacher, look, Liu Cheng was just minding her own business when Shen Xi pushed her head down the toilet bowl.
Her hair is still wet from just now!”

The PE teacher looked at Shen Xi and asked, “Shen Xi, did you do that?”

Jiang Xue’s accusation meant that not only did Shen Xi bully Liu Cheng, but she also harshly humiliated her by pushing her head into the toilet bowl.

Just as Shen Xi was about to respond, Guan Lei interrupted, “Teacher, it wasn’t Shen Xi who did this.
Liu Cheng tripped and her head accidentally dipped into the toilet bowl.”

At the side, Zhao Yuan let out a stifled laugh.
Guan Lei really had the guts to say that.
How did he even think of such a bizarre reason? She silently gave Guan Lei a thumbs up in her heart.

Jiang Xue immediately retorted in her sharp voice, “Guan Lei, if you want to protect Shen Xi, you have to find a better reason.
Which idiot falls down and directly throws their head into the toilet? You weren’t even there just now.
How would you know what happened?”

Guan Lei laughed softly and nodded in agreement.
“You’re right.
I wasn’t there just now, but I have a functioning mouth.
I know how to ask questions, for example…”

Guan Lei looked calmly at Liu Cheng, whose head was wet, and asked sarcastically, “Liu Cheng, let me ask you, why is your hair so wet? Did you accidentally fall down while walking? I think I remember warning you that your cerebellum seemed underdeveloped… It’s too easy for you to trip everywhere like this!”

Liu Cheng turned to Guan Lei in disbelief.
She had never thought that Guan Lei would defend Shen Xi to this extent.

Clenching her fists and biting hard on her lips, Liu Cheng glared at Guan Lei begrudgingly.

She regretted that she had not met him earlier.
Otherwise, she would have been the one being protected by him.

“What? Isn’t it?” Guan Lei looked straight into Liu Cheng’s eyes.

He asked in a very light and casual tone.
However, Liu Cheng noticed the warning and threat in Guan Lei’s eyes.

Jiang Xue pulled Liu Cheng behind her and snapped, “Guan Lei, what are you doing? Are you threatening Liu Cheng? I’m the witness, and I can testify for her.”

She then turned around and held Liu Cheng’s hands to reassure her.
“Chengcheng, don’t be afraid.
The teacher will seek justice for you, so you just have to tell the truth.
I’ll be here for you too.”

Liu Cheng parted her lips but no words came out.
After sensing Guan Lei’s intense and unwavering gaze, she finally said timidly, “I fell down by accident.
What happened has nothing to do with Shen Xi.”

Hearing this denial come from the supposed victim herself, the PE teacher naturally did not want to make a big deal out of it.
After all, it was not exactly glorious for such a thing to happen in his class too.

Jiang Xue shook Liu Cheng’s arm in disappointment.
“Chengcheng, what are you talking about? She clearly…”

Liu Cheng shook off Jiang Xue’s grasp and ran out covering her face.

She was the eldest daughter of the Liu family, yet she had no guts to fight back even after being bullied to this extent.

After all, it was Young Master Guan on the opposite end.
Even if she brought out her parents, she still would not be able to affect Guan Lei, and the conflict might even implicate her family.

However, it is still too embarrassing to be forced to admit whatever Guan Lei had just said about her.
How could she ever face anyone if people actually believed that her cerebellum was underdeveloped? And that was the reason why the dignified lady of the Liu family clumsily fell in the changing room, threw her head into the toilet bowl, and got her hair completely soaked in the toilet water?

Jiang Xue frowned as she looked at Shen Xi, who was clearly the culprit, but had not said a single word.
She was really bothered by the situation.

If this matter were to blow up and Liu Cheng’s family got involved, perhaps she could have manipulated it a little and forced Shen Xi to drop out of school.

She did not expect Liu Cheng to be such a coward and ruin a good opportunity just like that.

Jiang Xue shot Shen Xi a death glare and chased after Liu Cheng.

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