145 Guan Lei’s Two Faces

Shen Xi pressed the flush button on the toilet again.
Her right hand pressed on Liu Cheng’s neck and she lowered it a little.
Hearing Liu Cheng’s scream, Shen Xi’s malicious gaze turned back to Jiang Xue.

Her father was an alcoholic, and her mother was a gambler.
Only Jiang Xue would say these things.

Jiang Xue felt goosebumps under Shen Xi’s stare.
Shen Xi’s sinister gaze was really terrifying.

Jiang Xue panicked.
She pushed Zhao Yuan away and ran out of the changing room.
She shouted, “Shen Xi hit someone! Teacher, Shen Xi hit someone!”

The people in the changing room slowly surrounded them.
Guan Lei heard Jiang Xue’s shouts and immediately rushed to the girls’ changing room.
As soon as he entered, he saw everyone surrounding a toilet bowl.

When he looked up, he saw Shen Xi pressing a girl’s head firmly into the toilet bowl.

“Why are you all standing here? Get out!” Guan Lei shouted at the onlookers with a fierce look.

Seeing the fierce look on Guan Lei’s face, the crowd retreated one after another.
Zhao Yuan also felt that the situation was getting out of hand.
She stood at the door of the changing room, not letting anyone in.

Only Shen Xi, Guan Lei, and Liu Cheng, who was being flushed by the toilet water, were left in the changing room.

Shen Xi turned to look at Guan Lei.
The moment she saw Guan Lei, her originally cold eyes were replaced by a gentle smile.

For some reason, when Shen Xi saw Guan Lei, she actually felt a sense of peace.

Guan Lei stepped forward and pulled Shen Xi up.
Liu Cheng instantly raised her head and saw that it was Guan Lei who had saved her.
She immediately complained, “Guan Lei, Shen Xi has gone too far.
You have to stand up for me! A person with a bad temper like her must be mentally unstable.
She’s so scary.”

Guan Lei pushed Liu Cheng, who was leaning against him, away and warned her with a cold look in his eyes, “Stay away from me, you’re disgusting!”

Liu Cheng was stunned.
She tidied up her appearance, feeling wronged.
However, she saw that Guan Lei, who despised her for being dirty, held Shen Xi so gently and personally washed her hands.
She was extremely jealous.
She was the one who got hurt, wasn’t she?

Guan Lei carefully washed Shen Xi’s hands, applied some hand sanitizer, and carefully cleaned them finger by finger.

Guan Lei’s rough fingertips caressed Shen Xi’s delicate little hands, giving rise to an ambiguous atmosphere.
However, Guan Lei’s expression was extremely serious, without the slightest hint of desire.

Shen Xi didn’t know what to say.
She only said hesitantly, “I dropped all the fudge.”

Guan Lei said softly, “It’s okay.
I’ll ask Chef Wang to make more for you.”

Seeing this scene, Liu Cheng was both envious and jealous.
She stood up angrily and was about to rush out.

“Stop!” Guan Lei, who was still speaking gently to Shen Xi, suddenly said in a cold voice.

When Zhao Yuan heard Guan Lei’s voice, she immediately spread out her arms to stop Liu Cheng, who was about to leave.

Zhao Yuan was impressed with herself.
She could tell who Guan Lei was talking to based on his attitude.

For example, if Guan Lei’s tone was gentle and affectionate, then he must be talking to the cute Shen Xi.
If his attitude was distant but still polite, then he must be talking to someone who had a friendly relationship with Shen Xi.

If Guan Lei was arrogant, then he was just talking to an ordinary classmate.
But if there was a hint of coldness, like the “Stop” just now, then he was talking to those who bullied Shen Xi.

As for why Zhao Yuan thought so, her reasoning was that people who had sex with each other had an unsaid system.

Liu Cheng, who was stopped, paused and nervously swallowed her saliva.
She slowly moved her feet and turned around to look at Guan Lei carefully.

However, Guan Lei did not even lift his eyes to look at her.
He only asked Shen Xi softly, “Did you bring a tissue?”

Zhao Yuan eagerly took out a tissue from her pocket and handed it to Guan Lei.
Guan Lei took the tissue and wiped the water vapor off Shen XI’s hands seriously.

Shen Xi was at a loss at this moment.
She was like a child, obediently waiting for an adult to dry her little hands.
This feeling was extremely strange.

A handsome man and a beautiful woman were filled with affection.
This was such a beautiful scene.
Zhao Yuan, who was watching from the side, was so excited that pink bubbles of love appeared in her heart.

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