143 Insulting Words

Jiang Xue helped Liu Cheng into the locker room and told her to calm down.

However, how could Liu Cheng, who had just woken up from her fear, remain calm? Guan Lei had actually said so many insulting words in front of so many people just now, which made her feel embarrassed and angry.

The cold-hearted Guan Lei made Liu Cheng feel that Guan Lei was Young Master Guan.
However, when she thought about how Young Master Guan had treated her for Shen Xi’s sake, Liu Cheng was so jealous that she almost went crazy.

How did Shen Xi, who was so poor, get the favor of the Young Master Guan? Liu Cheng’s eyes turned red with resentment.
She could not bear to take this lying down.

Jiang Xue comforted her: “Alright, don’t be angry anymore.
No matter how angry you are, it will only damage your body.”

Liu Cheng said unwillingly: “I don’t understand.
What’s so good about that sl*t Shen Xi? Why is Guan Lei always protecting her? I just can’t take It!”

Jiang Xue patted Liu Cheng’s back gently, she asked unintentionally: “He’s just a Guan Lei with no family background.
Why are you so interested in him all of a sudden? You’re the daughter of the Liu family after all.
You have all the good boys that you want.
Why are you taking the initiative to please Guan Lei?”

“What do you know? You know Guan…” Liu Cheng’s retort was right on the tip of her tongue, but she quickly stopped.

Jiang Xue stared at Liu Cheng and immediately asked, “What do I need to know?”

Liu Cheng looked at Jiang Xue with reddened eyes.
She was glad that she stopped herself from saying what she was about to say.
If Jiang Xue found out that Guan Lei was Young Master Guan, it would be giving her an additional love rival.

Shen Xi was already annoying enough.
If Jiang Xue, whose family background was even better than hers, came along, her chances of winning would be even lower.
Thinking of this, Liu Cheng lied: “What I wanted to say is that, do you know how much I like Guan Lei?”

“Is that so? But you didn’t seem to like Guan Lei very much before.” Jiang Xue asked doubtfully.

“How could that be? When I first came to your class, I already thought that Guan Lei had quite a personality.
Later, I thought that he was handsome and good at fighting, so I fell in love with him.
I just felt embarrassed, so I didn’t tell you.” Liu Cheng directly revealed her interest in Guan Lei to Jiang Xue.

Liu Cheng thought that as long as she showed her love for Guan Lei in advance, Jiang Xue would probably hold back when she found out about Guan Lei’s identity.

Jiang Xue was suspicious, but when she saw Liu Cheng’s slightly shy expression, she believed her, “Really, what’s there to be embarrassed about? If you had told me earlier, I could have created an opportunity for you.
After all, I’m sitting at the same table as Guan Lei now, right? Guan Lei and Shen Xi wouldn’t have gotten together.”

Upon hearing Jiang Xue mention Shen Xi, the anger in Liu Cheng’s heart surged to her head again.
She started to curse without thinking, “I really don’t know if Guan Lei is blind.
How could he be fooling around with a sl*t like Shen Xi?”

At this point, Liu Cheng suddenly widened her eyes.
She looked at Jiang Xue in disbelief and asked: “Do you think Guan Lei has fallen in love with Shen Xi?”

Jiang Xue was seriously thinking about this question, “Now that you mention it, it seems possible.
Previously, Guan Lei and Xiang Cheng were not on good terms because of Shen Xi, and now he’s making things difficult for you because of Shen Xi.

Before Jiang Xue could finish her sentence, she was interrupted by Liu Cheng’s anger, “It must be Shen Xi who seduced Guan Lei.
Shen Xi is a vixen, a shameless slut.
Out of all the things she needs to learn, she’s actually learning the skills of those prostitutes in bed.
She seduces male students every day.
Shameless, disgusting!”

Hearing someone slander Shen Xi, Jiang Xue felt very happy, and a smile appeared on her face, “That’s right.
I can’t figure out why Guan Lei would fall for Shen Xi.
You’re clearly good-looking, and your family background is better than Shen Xi’s.

With Jiang Xue’s words, Liu Cheng felt that Guan Lei was blind, she said indignantly: “That’s right.
Let’s not talk about anything else.
Just a pure and innocent young lady like us is better than Shen Xi, that sl*t who can sleep around.
Who knows, Shen Xi might have been played by many people long ago.
Tell me, how can she compare to us?”

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