142 Not Be Bullied

Guan Lei looked at the furious Shen Xi and nodded his head in satisfaction.
Such a valiant Shen Xi had such a strong personality.
Just like when he first met Shen Xi, Shen Xi said to Xiang Cheng “get lost quickly”, which made him feel interested.

He, Guan Lei, could not be a pushover.
He had to have a temper to not be bullied.

Guan Lei held Shen Xi’s hand and observed her, “How is it? Does your hand hurt?”

The people beside him looked at each other.
Indeed, the new school bully’s brain was a little strange.
Was the person being beaten up not Liu Cheng? Guan Lei actually asked Shen Xi if her hand hurt.
This was too incomprehensible.

Shen Xi looked at Guan Lei speechlessly.
This guy seemed to be a little abnormal!

Meanwhile, Zhao Yuan, who was standing at the side, was having a great time.
She finally understood that Guan Lei was definitely interested in Shen Xi.
If this kind of blatant and unquestioning preference was not loved, then what was love!

Liu Cheng was stunned by Shen Xi’s slap.
When she came back to her senses, she realized that it was Shen Xi who had slapped her.
Liu Cheng waved her arms and rushed towards Shen Xi’s side.

Guan Lei pushed Liu Cheng out.
Fortunately, Jiang Xue, who was at the side, was quick enough to support Liu Cheng.
This allowed Liu Cheng to avoid the awkwardness of falling to the ground again.

Guan Lei stood in front of Shen Xi to protect her, his voice carried a hint of frost as he warned: “Your name is Liu Cheng, right? “Then let me tell you, I don’t drink your water because I find it dirty.
I avoid you and don’t help you up because I find your body dirty.
Who knows how many men you slept with? I find you disgusting!”

Guan Lei looked at Liu Cheng coldly.
This was the first time he used such vicious words to talk about a girl, but he did not think it was too much.
There was a saying that said, “you deserve what you get.” When Liu Cheng tarnished Shen Xi’s reputation, she deserved the same punishment.

This time, it was Guan Lei who asked Shen Xi to buy water.
He also wanted to feel the feeling of being given ice water by a girl.
He did not expect that Liu Cheng, who was a troublemaker, would appear.
Because of his attitude, Liu Cheng’s anger was directed at Shen Xi.

Therefore, just the punishment of an eye for an eye, Guan Lei felt that Liu Cheng had it too easy.

Shen Xi was stunned.
She had never expected Guan Lei to stand up for her.
A small hole slowly opened up in the corner of her heart and a person named Guan Lei slipped in.

Liu Chen had never expected Guan Lei to talk about her like that.
No one had ever said that Young Master Guan had such a vicious mouth.

The students around her started to point at her.
Not only her classmates but also several other classmates.
Liu Cheng was extremely embarrassed, she suddenly raised her voice to defend herself: “Guan Lei, don’t spout nonsense.
I’m an innocent girl.
How could you frame me like this!”

Guan Lei sneered: “Shen Xi is also an innocent girl.
Didn’t you frame her too? What? You’re only allowed to frame others, but not yourself? What logic is that? Before you bully others, you’d better think about yourself.
Otherwise, you won’t even know how you’re going to die!”

Liu Cheng met Guan Lei’s sinister gaze and instantly felt a chill run down her spine.
Guan Lei was warning her.
She could even feel the viciousness and decisiveness of Guan Lei’s words.

Seeing Liu Cheng’s frightened expression, Guan Lei turned to Shen Xi and said gently: “Let’s go.
This place is a mess.
Let’s go back and read!”

Shen Xi gave an awkward smile.
Zhao Yuan, who was engrossed in watching, pulled her along and left with Guan Lei.

Liu Cheng, who had been left behind, was trembling with fear.
She had been blinded by jealousy and had forgotten that Guan Lei might be Young Master Guan.
She had actually yelled at him.

Liu Cheng gulped and tried to follow him to apologize.
However, Jiang Xue stopped her.

Jiang Xue rubbed Liu Cheng’s back in confusion.
She also felt Liu Cheng’s trembles.
She thought to herself, it was just a scare from Guan Lei.
Why did Liu Cheng have to tremble so much?

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