141 Slap

Jiang Xue revealed a gentle smile and scolded: “What are you thanking me for? You’re so polite.”

When Jiang Xue’s gaze turned to Guan Lei, she complained: “Student Guan Lei, Chengcheng was kind enough to send you water.
It’s fine if you’re not grateful, but you watched her fall and didn’t help her up.
You even said that there’s something wrong with her brain.
Isn’t that a little bad?”

At that moment, Jiang Xue was gentle and lovely.
Her gentle voice stunned the boys around her.
Although Jiang Xue was not a stunning beauty, she was a gentle and understanding confidant.
She was very attractive.

Guan Lei snorted, “If you think I’m not a good person, then stay away from me.
Don’t wander around me and get in the way.”

“You!” Jiang Xue did not expect Guan Lei to have such an attitude.
She originally wanted to use morality to scold Guan Lei, but she did not expect Guan Lei to not fall for it.

“Why are you all surrounding around?” Shen Xi looked curiously at the people surrounding them and asked as she walked over from afar.

When Guan Lei saw that Shen Xi had arrived, the cold and hard expression on his face softened a little.

Shen Xi was only wearing a simple short-sleeved t-shirt and sweatpants.
Her high ponytail was neat and tidy, and she came with a youthful aura.

Her cheeks were flushed without makeup.
When she looked at Guan Lei with a puzzled look, her clear eyes made people feel at ease.

Guan Lei looked at Shen Xi happily.
As expected, only his Shen Xi looked the most comfortable.
She was not like those demonic people who made him feel annoyed whenever they got close to him.

“It’s nothing.
We just happened to be standing together.” Guan Lei replied.
His voice was not as cold as before.
Instead, it sounded gentle.

“Oh, here, ice water!” Shen Xi handed Guan Lei a bottle of water that she had just bought.
She did not know what was wrong with Guan Lei that he insisted on her buying water.

Liu Cheng stared straight at the bottle of water.
Guan Lei did not take her water just now.
She did not think that he would take Shen Xi’s water, right? In that case, she would feel better.
After all, it was better to lose face together than to lose face alone.

In the end, Guan Lei actually reached out to take Shen Xi’s water.
He even smiled and thanked her: “Thank you, I’m thirsty.”

Shen Xi curled her lips and looked at Guan Lei suspiciously.
When Guan Lei forced her to buy ice water just now, he was not polite at all.
Now, he was polite and even thanked her.

The people around them were speechless.
Was Guan Lei really thirsty? When Liu Cheng handed Guan Lei the water, Guan Lei said “I’m not thirsty” very loudly.

Seeing that Guan Lei, who had been so cold to her just now, so friendly to Shen Xi and even took the water that Shen Xi had given him, Liu Cheng was extremely indignant.
When Shen Xi passed by her side., she stretched out her leg and tripped Shen Xi.

Shen Xi did not expect that someone would trip her up in public.
She did not even look into it and pounced directly on Guan Lei.

Liu Cheng was very pleased with herself.
According to Guan Lei’s personality, he would definitely avoid her.
Then, the same would happen to Shen Xi as she did just now.
She would fall, making a fool of herself in front of so many people.

In the end, Guan Lei actually opened his arms and hugged Shen Xi who had fallen over.
He even asked softly: “How are you? Are you alright?”

Liu Cheng’s expression was extremely ugly.
The classmates beside them had all seen it.
When Guan Lei saw her fall, he immediately avoided her.
When he saw Shen Xi fall, he actually opened his arms and hugged her.

“It seems Shen Xi’s head isn’t well developed either.
We’ll have to go to the hospital to check it out.” Liu Cheng said sarcastically.

Guan Lei helped Shen Xi up and said coldly to Liu Cheng with an unsightly expression, “If you want to stir up trouble, you can continue.”

Liu Cheng could not take it anymore.
She cried out: “I’m going to say it! You said it yourself.
People who fall easily aren’t smart.
It’s not like I said it.
Why are you being so angry at me?”

“You treat people differently.
You don’t want the water I gave you.
You want what Shen Xi gave you.
If I fall, you avoid it.
If Shen Xi falls, you hug her.
Did that s*t, Shen XI, who can sleep with anyone, take off her clothes and seduce you?”

“Pa!” Shen Xi slapped Liu Cheng hard on the face, “Liu Cheng, watch your mouth.
If you continue to talk nonsense, I don’t mind tearing your mouth apart.”

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