When she saw Shen Xi’s cloakroom, Jiang Xue was full of anger.

The cloakroom was filled with a dazzling array of things, as if she had entered a huge shop.

The clothes inside were of all kinds, all ironed and neatly hung there for the owner to choose from.
There was also a special row with all kinds of gowns hanging there.
Jiang Xue didn’t even dare to touch them for fear of dirtying them.

There were several rows of shoes.
There were all kinds of shoes, but they were also wiped clean, as if they were on display.

Unlike Jiang Xue, who wore white shoes all year round, only when they were worn out would she get new shoes.
Her shoe cabinet was never full, and it was extremely shabby.

There were all kinds of shiny necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.
They were so shiny that her eyes nearly went blind.

Finally, they arrived at the cosmetics area.
The cosmetics that Jiang Xue had been saving for a long time to buy but could not buy, were now neatly arranged.
Some of them had not even been opened yet.

Thinking about how she had to be so stingy in order to buy these cosmetics, and how she had lived a poor life, jealousy and anger rose in her heart.

This was supposed to be her life.
She was supposed to be a princess and admired by everyone.

Shen Xi looked at Jiang Xue’s jealous expression and then looked at the ragdoll cat that was rubbing against her feet.

Shen Xi squatted down, and the ragdoll cat climbed onto Shen Xi’s knees and used its furry head to caress Shen Xi’s palm.

Jiang Xue also looked at the beautiful cat.
The cat was very expensive.
Its fur and its blue eyes were very beautiful.
She had wanted to raise one before, but it was too expensive, so she couldn’t.

Shen Xi held the cat in her arms and teased it.
Looking at Jiang Xue’s expression, she handed the cat over.
Jiang Xue was pleasantly surprised and hugged it in her arms.
The cat’s fur was smooth, and its entire body was fragrant.

However, perhaps it was because it had been raised by a rich family, it was extremely arrogant.
The cat was extremely unhappy in Jiang Xue’s arms and wanted to break free.
Jiang Xue was also extremely angry and refused to let it run away.
In the end, she was so angry that the cat started meowing very loudly, which finally attracted Mama Lin’s attention.

Seeing Xia Chun’s favorite cat being held in the arms of a poor girl and Shen Xi squatting at the side with an aggrieved look on her face as she watched the cat being snatched away, she could not help but get angry.

She stepped forward and pushed Jiang Xue away, taking the cat away from Jiang Xue’s arms.
If Xia Chun saw that her cat was dirtied, she would definitely be scolded again.

Moreover, Shen Xi seemed to be upset as well.
She had to teach Jiang Xue a lesson.

Jiang Xue was pushed to the ground.
Her eyes instantly became unfriendly, and anger surged in her eyes.

Mama Lin was not polite at all.
She started to point at the cat and scolded it.
“Mimi, you are the madam’s precious cat.
You can’t let dirty things from unknown sources dirty you.”

After saying that, she stole a glance at Shen Xi’s angry expression.
Mama Lin felt that she had done the right thing.
In her heart, she applauded herself.
She had avenged Shen Xi!

Seeing Mama Lin leave with the cat arrogantly, Shen Xi seemed to have come to a realization.
“Cousin, don’t sit on the ground.”

Jiang Xue was so angry that she gritted her teeth.
As soon as the result of the paternity test was out, she would not let these two people go.
Jiang Xue stood up angrily and patted the dust off her body.

“There’s no need to pat yourself.
This floor is cleaned every day.
It’s not dirty.”

Jiang Xue looked at Shen Xi.
The smile on her face was especially glaring.
What did she mean? Was she saying that she was dirtier than the floor?

Jiang Xue, who could not take it anymore, said, “I’ll go back to my room first.” Then she left.

Shen Xi turned around and took the wholegrain biscuits that Mama Lin gave her in the morning.
She followed her.
The moment Jiang Xue was about to close the door, she blocked the door.

“This is the local specialty that Mama Lin brought over this morning.
I brought some for you to try.” She did not care about Jiang Xue’s resistance and went straight into her room and placed it on the table.

“It’s very delicious.
Remember to eat it.
I’m going back to my room.” Shen Xi said and left.

However, when she heard the loud sound coming from inside her room, the corners of Shen Xi’s mouth curled up.

If she didn’t draw the hatred first, how could she proceed to the next step?

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