138 Under My Protection

Zhao Yuan was afraid that the students in her class would not know the reason, she directly shouted to the entire class: “As for the business of Su Ni’s family, if you insist on saying that Shen Xi sent Lu Lin to deal with your family’s business, then I have to ask, why would Shen Xi want to mess with your family’s business?”

Liu Cheng crossed her arms and sneered: “What other reason could there be? isn’t it just because Su Ni was obsessed and stole the credit from Shen Xi? It’s just a small matter.
Is there a need to be so uptight?”

“Small matter? “I don’t think everyone knows yet.” Zhao Yuan explained to her classmates.
“Our classmate Su Ni spread false news that Shen Xi and I are extreme fans of Lu Lin in the fan group, causing someone to threaten Shen Xi violently.”

Zhao Yuan tugged Shen Xi, pointing at the scar on Shen Xi’s face that had not yet healed, she said loudly: “Everyone, look.
This is what Su Ni did.
If it wasn’t for Lu Lin and his men arriving in time on Friday night, who knows what would have happened? Just like that, Su Ni still has the face to ask for forgiveness? What rights does she have?”

Jiang Xue said faintly: “It’s just a small wound on her face.
Wouldn’t it be over if she apologized and compensated for the medical expenses? But Su Ni is very likely to face a prison sentence, and her family is also facing bankruptcy.
Isn’t this even worse? It was just a matter of words.
If Shen Xi could go to Lu Lin to plead for mercy, this matter would be over.”

“That’s right.
After all, Su Ni and Shen Xi have been classmates for two years.
It’s too cruel!” Liu Cheng and Jiang Xue chimed in.

Shen Xi smiled, she stood in front of Su Ni, and said calmly: “First of all, the matter that Lu Lin sued you has nothing to do with me.
You’re the one who violated Lu Lin’s privacy; The matter with your family business has nothing to do with me.
I don’t have the ability to convince Lu Lin to go against your family.
Besides, it’s not certain if Lu Lin did it!”

Su Ni knew that Shen Xi was right.
She had begged Lu Lin, and Lu Lin only admitted to suing her.
He had directly denied that he targeted her family’s business.

However, when that person went against her family, the person left a message saying that Su Ni had offended someone she should not have.

Su Ni thought about it and realized that there was no one else besides Shen Xi that she had offended.

Therefore, Su Ni could only come over to try her luck.
She could only pray that she would get some information from Shen Xi so that she could find out who they had offended and who she could ask for mercy from.
Otherwise, if her family could not hold on any longer, their family would be ruined in the future.

Liu Cheng could not stand Shen Xi’s arrogant attitude, she said provocatively: “Even if a bad person does something bad, he won’t say that he did it.
Shen Xi, if you did it, don’t deny it.
Although your family doesn’t have the ability, but…”

Liu Cheng looked at Shen Xi with contempt and said sarcastically: “Maybe you used your body to do some business and begged some greasy boss to help you deal with the Su family and avenge you!”

Before Liu Cheng could finish her words, she was suddenly kicked to the ground, and her scream echoed throughout the classroom.

Everyone was stunned and looked at the instigator.
It was Guan Lei, the new school bully from the school anniversary.

Guan Lei’s face was cold, his black and blue eyes looked at Liu Cheng on the ground and said viciously: “Shen Xi is under my protection.
If you continue to talk nonsense, I will not be polite.
I have no principle of not hitting women!”

Zhao Yuan looked at the handsome Guan Lei and covered her face with her hands.
Her eyes were filled with love.
This Guan Lei was way too handsome! He was way too boyfriend-like!

Liu Cheng glared at Guan Lei and shouted: “Do you know who I am? How dare you push me! I want to tell my father!”

Guan Lei smiled contemptuously and walked up to Shen Xi.
He placed the candy in his hand on Shen Xi’s, “You said it was delicious yesterday, so I asked Uncle Wang to make some more.
Take it.”

Shen Xi took Guan Lei’s candy in a daze.
Although the situation was a little inappropriate, Shen Xi felt warmth in her heart.

Jiang Xue looked at Guan Lei inquisitively.
This classmate who had always kept a low profile and only knew how to sleep seemed a little unusual.

When Xiang Cheng was beaten up, Jiang Xue thought that Guan Lei was dead for sure.
She did not expect Guan Lei to be fine.
It seemed like she could ask Xiang Cheng if Guan Lei had any backing.

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