136 Likes One With Good Grades

Guan Lei naturally knew that Shen Xi was definitely laughing at him now.
He was a little embarrassed and said angrily: “Shen Xi, what are you laughing at?”

Shen Xi finally managed to hold back her laughter and gave up on the idea of joking, she said frankly: “Alright, I won’t tease you anymore.
I’m just joking with you.
My love for Lu Lin isn’t one of romance.
It’s just pure admiration.
You can think of it as a fan’s admiration for an idol, or a younger sister’s love for her older brother.”

Guan Lei frowned as he analyzed Shen Xi’s words.
In the end, he asked in confusion: “So what kind of person do you like?”

Shen Xi thought for a moment and replied: “I don’t know either.
At the moment, I just want to study hard and get into university.
But if I have to name it, I would probably like someone with good grades.”

Guan Lei pursed his lips and raised his beautiful eyebrows.
Then he asked: “So if my grades are good, then you will like me too, right?”

Shen Xi did not know what was going on with Guan Lei tonight.
Why did he keep asking such questions about love? Moreover, what did who she liked have to do with Guan Lei? Could it be that Guan Lei actually liked her? Was it just that he did not want to admit it?

That was not good.
It was the crucial period of their senior year, so they still had to focus on their studies.

Even though Shen Xi did not agree with Guan Lei focusing too much on love, she still had to consider Guan Lei’s face.
At the same time, she also hoped that Guan Lei could get into a good school.

After making up her mind, Shen Xi smiled and said: “That might not be impossible, so you have to work hard.
As long as your grades are good, not only me, but maybe more girls will like you.”

Guan Lei instantly felt elated, “That’s what you said.
As long as my grades are good, you’ll like me.”

Guan Lei did not care at all whether the other girls liked him or not.
All he wanted was for Shen Xi to like him.

As for the reason, Guan Lei blamed it on the fact that since there was a girl who had already been rumored to like him if she liked someone else, then where would he put his face?

Therefore, Shen Xi could only like Guan Lei, and could not like anyone other than Guan Lei.

Shen Xi smiled and nodded: “Then it depends on your ability!”

Guan Lei smiled brightly and said confidently: “Just wait!”

“Then let’s add each other as friends.
I’ll study together with you later.” Guan Lei took out his phone and said.

Not only did he want to study together, but he also wanted to eat together.
This way, he could ensure that Shen Xi took enough nutrients every day.

“We’ll talk about it later.
I’ve reached the dormitory now.
You should go back earlier.” Shen Xi said as she pointed at the female dormitory building in front of the two of them.

Guan Lei put away his phone and said briskly, “Okay! Good night then!”

Guan Lei believed that he would use his own strength to win Shen Xi to add him as a friend.

In the middle of the night, in the boys’ dormitory of Zhuo Ying High School, a familiar dream was attacking Guan Lei, who was sweating profusely as usual.

Guan Lei felt suffocated, and his eyes opened abruptly.

Guan Lei wiped the sweat off his forehead lightly.
He recalled the scene in his dream this time, hoping to get more information from the dream.

Unfortunately, the dream this time was exactly the same as the previous ones.
He could only figure out that the explosion had happened in an art gallery.

However, after Teacher Shen drew the art gallery for him, he sent people to investigate.
In the end, he could not find such an art gallery.

Therefore, Guan Lei could not tell if the art gallery in his dream and the explosion were just his hysteria or some other reason.

However, even after racking his brain, Guan Lei could not think of an answer, so he could only send people to continue investigating.

At this time, the Su family was brightly lit, and a loud slap landed heavily on Su Ni’s face.
Su Ni staggered and fell to the ground.

Father Su pointed at Su Ni on the ground in anger and shouted: “Disgrace, which group of people have you offended? Are you trying to bring disaster to the entire Su family?”

Su Ni covered her face and sobbed, but she could not think of what kind of big shot she had offended.

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