135 Unyielding Youth

Shen Xi smiled bitterly and said: “Okay, okay, okay.
You’re not small.
You’re amazing.
I was wrong.
You have eight-pack abdominal muscles, and your body is very strong.”

There was really nothing she could do about Guan Lei’s childish behavior, so Shen Xi could only follow Guan Lei’s words.

But to be honest, Guan Lei’s body was really something.
His eight-pack abs were really defined and it felt pretty good to touch! Shen Xi used a little strength with her fingertips to caress Guan Lei’s abdominal muscles.

When she discovered her romantic thoughts, Shen Xi’s heart skipped a beat and she quickly stopped her hand.

Guan Lei’s body trembled.
Was Shen Xi touching him just now? Was Shen Xi also mesmerized by his figure?

Guan Lei was extremely pleased with himself.
Only then did he release Shen Xi’s hands and said proudly: “At least you have good taste!”

Shen Xi quickly retracted her hand.
She knew that she did not like Guan Lei, but she could not explain why she could not help but touch Guan Lei’s abdominal muscles.

However, Shen Xi quickly found an excuse for herself.
Perhaps it was just the curiosity towards the bodies of the opposite sex during puberty.
People always liked beautiful things.
It was normal.

Under the streetlight while sending Shen Xi back.

“Shen Xi, do you have someone you like?” Guan Lei kicked the pebble on his foot and asked casually.

After Shen Xi’s behavior just now, Guan Lei suddenly wanted to know Shen Xi’s intentions.
If Shen Xi said that she liked him, he could try to be with Shen Xi.

Thinking of how sweet and sweet other couples were, Guan Lei suddenly looked forward to it.
If Shen Xi acted coquettishly, it would definitely be very interesting, right?

Shen Xi directly answered: “No, I don’t have anyone I like.”

Guan Lei, who was already mentally prepared to accept Shen Xi’s confession, heard Shen Xi’s reply and suddenly stood in front of Shen Xi, “What did you say? You don’t have anyone you like? Then… I.

Shen Xi did not know why Guan Lei had such a big reaction and asked doubtfully: “Why? Is something wrong? I just don’t have anyone I like.”

“Then…” Guan Lei did not know how to respond to Shen Xi.
He could not possibly say that he thought Shen Xi liked him, right?

Hence, Guan Lei directly changed the topic to Lu Lin, “I thought you liked Lu Lin!”

Shen Xi did not expect her cousin would be brought up in the topic.
However, she really liked this cousin, “Oh, you were talking about him? That’s true.
I quite like him.”

Guan Lei was furious.
He asked angrily: “You really like Lu Lin? What do you like about him? Just because he is good-looking?”

Shen Xi looked at the angry Guan Lei as if she had discovered a new world.
She did not expect the angry Guan Lei to be so cute.

Shen Xi became playful and nodded in agreement: “Yes because he’s good-looking!”

“I’m also very good-looking!” Guan Lei said without thinking.

Guan Lei did not expect Shen Xi to admit it so easily.
He was so angry that he could not wait to catch that dead actor and let Shen Xi take a good comparison of who was the better-looking one.

Shen Xi did not know what Guan Lei was trying to do now.
She admitted that the Guan Lei in front of her was indeed quite good-looking.
However, what did this have to do with her? Could it be that Guan Lei wanted her to like him because he was good-looking?

As if responding to Shen Xi’s thoughts, Guan Lei said a little embarrassedly: “If you like him because he’s good-looking, then I’m good-looking too.
Do you like me too? Can you also date me?”

Shen Xi did not know how to express her current feelings.
She asked in disbelief: “You like me?”

Otherwise, Shen Xi really could not understand why Guan Lei would say that.

Guan Lei seemed to have been scalded by something and immediately retorted: “Of course not.
I just don’t like others to be better looking than me.
So if you like me and want to date me, doesn’t that prove that I’m better looking than Lu Lin?”

After saying that, Guan Lei cursed himself in his heart.
What a coward.

Shen Xi had never thought that it would be this answer.
What kind of strange desire for victory did Guan Lei have?

Moreover, Shen Xi had also never thought that Guan Lei’s desire for victory was so strong.
Just now, in order to prevent her from saying that he was small, he had directly lifted up his abdominal muscles for her to touch.
Now, in order to make her say that she was more handsome than Lu Lin, he had directly asked her to like him.

Shen Xi could not help but laugh.
Guan Lei, this usually cold and quiet young man, was really too cute!


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