134 These Abs Are Yours to Feel

Shen Xi watched as Guan Lei beat a hasty retreat.
She smacked her lips, biting off a piece of radish, brushing against the wound on her lips.
She grimaced in pain and put aside Guan Lei’s strange behaviour.

A short while later, Guan Lei returned to their private room smiling and continued eating as if nothing had happened.

Meanwhile, Chef Wang regarded the restaurant manager with a bitter expression.
“Manager, I’m a chef of Chinese cuisine.
I’m not a pastry chef! Speak to Young Master Guan and ask him if it’s alright for someone else to prepare the desserts.”

The manager considered Young Master Guan’s words and shook his head.
“I’m sorry, Chef Wang.
I promised the Young Master that you would prepare the desserts too.
Remember to make them cute but nutritious!”

The manager knew he was making it difficult for Chef Wang and sighed, “Prepare what you can… I’ll look for a pastry chef to demonstrate things for you.
That’s the best I can do.
You’ll still have to do the rest by hand.”

If one peered into the kitchen, they would see a curious sight.
The big and burly Chef Wang, with tears streaming down his large, innocent eyes, learned to make cute bunnies from a young girl next to him.

Just as Shen Xi and Guan Lei were about to leave, having finished their meal, Chef Wang hurried over, carrying the platter of desserts with a contingent of his junior chefs.

“Xiao Lei!” When Chef Wang saw Guan Lei’s sharp gaze, he immediately swallowed his curse, addressing Guan Lei as he had requested.

“Xiao Lei, I’ve brought the desserts you asked for; I made them myself.
I ensured they were as healthy as the ingredients would allow without compromising the taste!” Chef Wang wiped his sweat-stained forehead, handing the sugary treats to Guan Lei.

Shen Xi was really surprised.
Since when did Chef Wang make desserts? She had thought Guan Lei was pulling her leg earlier.

Guan Lei accepted the desserts politely, saying, “Thank you, Uncle Wang.”

Flattered, Chef Wang waved his large, meaty hand.
“It’s my pleasure.
Xiao Lei, you’re too kind.”

Shen Xi’s eyes wandered between Chef Wang and Guan Lei.
Chef Wang’s politeness did not seem to rest solely on his appreciation of Guan Lei or out of a want to make him his apprentice.
It seemed that her guess was right.
Guan Lei’s family was not simple.

Chef Wang’s inadequate acting skills brought Guan Lei endless frustration, but he allowed none of it to show.
“Uncle Wang, we’ll be off.”

Chef Wang gulped.
He felt uncomfortable having his boss address him so familiarly as ‘uncle’.
Yet, there was nothing he could do but bite the bullet and do as he had been told.
“Be careful on your way home.
Take care!”

Shen Xi thanked Chef Wang and followed Guan Lei out.

“Chef Wang seems to treat you very respectfully,” Shen Xi giggled, a faint smile tugging at her lips.

“Uh…” Guan Lei scratched his head awkwardly.
After thinking for a while, he said, “Maybe he just appreciates talent.”

Shen Xi sized up Guan Lei and teased, “My, my.
How could Chef Wang ever fancy you with a weak body like yours? Have you seen the difference? Which chef does not have a strong body?”

Was Shen Xi belittling his strength? Guan Lei grew indignant.
“You really shouldn’t think so little of me.
I beat up Xiang Cheng and the others.
Have you forgotten?”

Shen Xi thought about it and agreed.
Although Guan Lei appeared frail and gaunt, he did possess some modicum of skill.

Guan Lei thought Shen Xi did not believe him, so he lifted his shirt and grabbed Shen Xi’s hand, running them down his abdomen.
“Hah! Can you feel them? I’ve got eight-pack abs; count them if you don’t believe me!”

The sudden warmth and firmness under her touch sent a jolt down Shen Xi’s spine.
She tried to retract her hand, but Guan Lei, incensed, refused to let go and insisted she felt his abs.

Thankfully, there was no one around.
Otherwise, Shen Xi felt she would probably have to find a hole to hide in.
It was so mortifying she would not have had the face to greet anyone.

“Guan Lei, unhand me!” Shen Xi hissed through gritted teeth.

“Then tell me, am I still small?” Guan Lei challenged, unconvinced by Shen Xi’s lacklustre response.
He wanted to hear what she truly thought.

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