131 Unrestrainable Emotions

Not many people visited the library during the weekends.
A few stragglers huddled in quiet corners, but the bustle of scholarly activity could not compare to an average day while school was in session.

Guan Lei sat next to Shen Xi and pretended to read a book he had picked up from his dorm room.

Maybe it was their proximity, but Guan Lei could have sworn he smelled a fruity fragrance emanating from Shen Xi’s person.
It reminded him of citrus blossoms, a pleasant smell.

Guan Lei felt his eyes droop as sleep beckoned with its cool, whispered sighs flowing from the library’s central air-conditioning.

Shen Xi paused, listening to the slow, even breaths of the person next to her.
Guan Lei was fast asleep in his seat, his head lolling from side to side.

Before she could stop to process her actions, she reached out to support him, trying to prop him up even as she handled him like a hot potato.

Shen Xi did not have the heart to wake Guan Lei up, not with those dark circles around his eyes.
Perhaps he had had trouble sleeping the previous night.

Gingerly, she let Guan Lei’s head rest on the table as she fumbled for a few chairs to form a bench he could rest on.

The hardwood chairs she managed to pull together were not particularly comfortable, so she tried looking for a cushion.
Unfortunately, she came away empty-handed.
With no other choice, she gently lifted Guan Lei’s head, allowing it to rest on her lap.

Shen Xi could not help but sigh at Guan Lei’s sleep-laden form even as she picked up her book and continued reading.

Unbeknownst to Shen Xi, Guan Lei was awake; a triumphant smile sketched on his face.

He had woken up as soon as Shen Xi allowed his head to rest on the table.
He had wanted to see what Shen Xi would do.

Although Shen Xi and Lu Lin had gotten closer recently, Guan Lei believed that Jiang Xue, Shen Xi’s roommate, understood Shen Xi better than most.
Jiang Xue said Shen Xi liked him… At the very least, her impression of him had to lean toward positive.

Guan Lei wanted to see how Shen Xi would react to someone she liked.
He did not know if it would be as cliché as her kissing him while he slept, like a romantic comedy run one too many times.

Yet, none of the scenarios he imagined came to fruition.
Perhaps he had been overthinking things.
Still, Shen Xi must like him if she was willing to let him lie on her lap.
Could this be a feasible approach?

When Guan Lei arrived at his conclusion, he felt a wave of satisfaction wash over him.
The smell of citrus was a balm on his fatigue, and soon he fell asleep.

The next time he awoke was when the reading lights were turned on.
It took Guan Lei a while to realise he was still lying on Shen Xi’s lap.

He looked up at Shen Xi and found her sleeping, leaning her weight against the wall.

Shen Xi probably did not want to wake him, so she endured for as long as she could till sleep took her.
Guan Lei’s heart melted.

Doing his best not to wake her, Guan Lei got up and took stock of their surroundings.
The library was deserted.
His gaze returned to Shen Xi’s sleeping form.

Under the dim light, Shen Xi’s skin glowed like milky jade; her cherry-red lips were full and tempting, more so than they had been earlier that afternoon.
It was almost as if they were begging him to taste them.

Guan Lei gulped, unconsciously leaning into Shen Xi.

With one hand on the table supporting his weight, he pressed his chapped lips against Shen Xi’s cold, luscious ones.
It sent a jolt down his spine.
The sweet and soft embrace of their twining lips was irresistible.

It started innocently, gentle ministrations for fear of waking Shen Xi up.
Soon, the kiss deepened, eliciting a moan.
The primal fear of being exposed caused Guan Lei to freeze up.
In doing so, he accidentally bit Shen Xi’s lips, drawing a cry of pain from her.

Guan Lei instinctively leapt back, tripping over a chair and falling to the ground with a loud bang before Shen Xi’s eyes even opened.

The crash startled Shen Xi awake.
The first thing she saw as she blinked the sleep out of her eyes was Guan Lei lying in a heap on the ground.

“Why are you on the floor?” Shen Xi’s voice was hoarse, having just awoken, but it carried a faint charm.

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