128 Lovey-Dovey Parents

Xue Li was about to follow the order when a thought occurred to her.
Had Guan Lei not said it was important for one to have a mind of their own? Hesitantly, she asked, “If you send all that without consulting Miss Shen, wouldn’t it make her unhappy? What if she takes your good intentions as a slight on her pride?”

“Are you questioning me?” Guan Lei demanded.

Xue Li was speechless.

She had spoken up because she knew how special Shen Xi was to the Young Master and did not want him to feel hurt should Shen Xi view his generosity as contempt for her situation in life.

Xue Li heaved an inward sigh.
It seemed the Young Master was still lacking when compared to Miss Shen.

As the Young Master’s personal assistant, Xue Li took her job seriously and believed it was her responsibility to shore up his deficiencies, especially if they were related to Miss Shen.

Bracing herself for his rebuke, she said, “Young Master, would you not reconsider?”

Guan Lei was surprised by Xue Li’s sudden increase in courage.
It was enough for him to rethink his hasty decision.
When he did, he realised how inappropriate his actions might appear to others.

He had merely wanted to improve the situation of Shen Xi’s family, but he forgot to consider how his actions might affect Shen Xi’s self-esteem.
What if Shen Xi thought he was giving her a handout because she was too poor for his liking?

Fortunately, Xue Li had had the foresight to stop him in her own way.
Otherwise, wouldn’t he have hurt instead of helped Shen Xi through his kindness?

“… Not bad.
You’ve earned a double on your bonus this month,” Guan Lei said on the phone to Xue Li.

Xue Li instantly beamed with joy.
In her heart, she became even more determined to be of use to the Young Master.
Her Young Master often got carried away when Miss Shen was in the equation, so it was up to her to pay attention to the small details he might have missed.
She would ensure nothing could go wrong.
Only then would she reap those sweet rewards that were her bonuses!

Reviewing Shen Xi’s situation, Guan Lei felt it was not right for him to take advantage of the Shen family by staying for a meal.
If he ate a meal, it might mean Shen Xi would not have anything to eat.

Guan Lei walked to the door and saw the Shen couple coming back with vegetables in their arms.
He took the chance to say goodbye.

Lu Shan tried her best to persuade him to stay.
None of Shen Xi’s classmates had visited before.
How could she allow Guan Lei to leave when she had not had the opportunity to showcase her culinary skills?

However, Guan Lei had already made up his mind.
Lu Shan could only see him off, much to her disappointment.
As a consolation, she stuffed a bag of sweet potatoes into Guan Lei’s arms, telling him to enjoy them once he returned home.

Xue Li noticed the paper bag in Guan Lei’s arms as soon as he walked up to the car.

“Young Master, is that a greeting gift?” Xue Li blurted out.

Taking his seat in the back, Guan Lei growled, “Shut up, and drive!

Meekly, Xue Li asked, “Where are we going?”

Without waiting for a response from Guan Lei, Xue Li quickly added, “Miss Shen is in school at the moment!”

Guan Lei perked up, happily picking a sweet potato from the brown paper bag.
Shen Xi’s mother must have liked him to give him so many.

His mouth curled into a smile as he ordered, “To school!”

Meanwhile, Lu Shan pouted, portraying despondence as she needled her husband, who was cooking their lunch.
She kept muttering, “It’s all your fault… Why did you have to accompany me to pick the vegetables? Xixi’s first classmate to visit, and he left without tasting my wonderful cooking!”

Shen Yan smiled, apologising profusely, “Yes, yes.
It was my fault.
The next time Xixi’s classmate visits, I’ll grab hold of him and not let go, alright? I was just so worried about you and did not want you to be alone for a second.
Come on, kiss me for being such a devoted husband.”

Lu Shan buried her head in her hands, a blush tinging her cheeks.
Her small fists pounded on Shen Yan’s arm as she muttered, “I hate you.
I’m talking to you about serious matters!”

Shen Yan’s expression became serious as he said, “I’m also talking about serious matters.
Everything I say to you is as serious as serious can be!”

As he spoke, Shen Yan set the dishes on the table.
He scooped Lu Shan up and locked her in a French kiss.
He only released her when Lu Shan moaned and her legs gave out under her.

A deep flush coloured Lu Shan’s cheeks for a long time.
The sudden bout of intimacy opened her mind to the possibilities.
Softly, she asked, “Husband, do you think that boy just now likes our Xixi?”

Shen Yan paused for a moment.
Good heavens, it was possible.
When he was eighteen, he coaxed Xixi’s mother into becoming his wife.
That young man just now seemed to be around the same age.

Shen Yan immediately picked up his phone.
Just as he was about to call his daughter, he thought it inappropriate for him to broach the topic.
After all, teenage girls were delicate creatures easily spooked by those of the opposite sex in matters of love.
Hence, he nervously passed the phone to his wife.
“Honey, maybe you should speak to Xixi.”

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