125 Crybaby Applying Medicine

Guan Lei took a deep look at the room where Shen Xi was, then left with a cold expression.
He swore in his heart that next time, he would be the first to arrive.

When Zhao Yuan, who had obtained Shen Xi’s position, knocked on the door, the medicine had already been applied to the wound on Shen Xi’s face.

However, seeing that Shen Xi’s face had not completely recovered before and had been injured again today, Zhao Yuan’s mouth flattened, and she instantly started crying.

Zhao Yuan was a fan of Lu Lin, but she had always purely liked Lu Lin and had never joined any fan club.

Today, when Zhao Yuan found out about the existence of the fan club, she naturally knew that these people originally wanted to attack her and Shen Xi together, but in the end, only Shen Xi suffered.

Zhao Yuan felt extremely sorry for Shen Xi and could not help but cry.

Shen Xi looked at Lu Lin at the side and softly reminded her: “Zhao Yuan, your idol is watching you from the side!”

When Zhao Yuan heard this, she instantly looked in Lu Lin’s direction with tears in her eyes.
She cried even louder.

It was too embarrassing.
She actually cried so much in front of her idol.

Shen Xi helplessly held her forehead and said: “Zhao Yuan, you can cry later.
Help me apply medicine first!”

Shen Xi had been kicked by those people just now, so she probably had some injuries on her back.
Originally, she wanted to go back to the dormitory to apply the medicine, but when she thought of the two annoying people in the dormitory, Shen Xi decided to call Zhao Yuan out.

Fortunately, this place was not far from the school.
It was in a hotel behind the school, so Zhao Yuan came quite quickly.

When Zhao Yuan heard that Shen Xi wanted her to apply the medicine for her, she immediately stopped crying.
Her cute head looked left and right, and then she snatched the medicine from Lu Lin’s hand, she said to Lu Lin: “The two of you can leave first.
I’m going to apply the medicine on Xi.”

Lu Lin instantly looked at Zhao Yuan who pushed him out of the door in disbelief.
If he remembered correctly, this Zhao Yuan was his fan, right? Then what was she doing now? As a fan, she actually pushed her idol out without any courtesy?

It was not until Lu Lin and his assistant, Ah Bao, were pushed out of the door that Lu Lin realized that his fan seemed to have really forgotten about the existence of his idol.

However, when he remembered that Zhao Yuan was concerned about his little sister, Lu Lin could only smile and accept it.
Nothing was more important than his little sister!

Zhao Yuan cried as she applied medicine for Shen Xi.
Shen Xi almost could not stand this crybaby, Zhao Yuan.
Why did she not realize that Zhao Yuan loved to cry so much in the past?

After Lu Lin sent Shen Xi and Zhao Yuan back to the dormitory, he left.

Once he returned to the hotel room that the school had arranged for him, Lu Lin sent people to investigate the girls’ families and the account owner who had released the news that Shen Xi and Zhao Yuan were extreme fans.

He would never let those people off for daring to hurt his sister like that.

However, when Ah Bao reported the news, Lu Lin was completely stunned.
“Are you saying that someone released the news to deal with the businesses of those girls who bullied Xi?”

Ah Bao nodded.
He also felt that it was strange.
He had just found out about it when he heard the news.
Many businessmen who had business dealings with these girls’ families had cut off their business dealings with these families in advance.

Lu Lin was puzzled.
Could it be that grandfather had made a move? Or perhaps it was Big Brother?

Ah Bao, who was at the side, recalled the gloomy-faced youth who had just stood at the door with a few bodyguards.
He did not know why, but he felt that it was very likely that the youth had done it.
It was just that he did not find any information, therefore, he did not dare to make any wild guesses.

Lu Lin thought that he should first ask his Big Brother or grandfather about it later.

When Shen Xi and Zhao Yuan returned to the dormitory, they immediately saw Jiang Xue who was in high spirits over there doing skin care.
However, they did not know where Su Ni had gone.

When Jiang Xue saw Shen Xi return with injuries, her words were filled with sarcasm, “Some people, after doing too many bad things, will eventually get their karma.”

That night, when the form teacher asked the group if anyone had seen Shen Xi, Jiang Xue saw that Su Ni’s expression was a little strange.
After that, Su Ni took a phone call and left in a hurry.

Therefore, Jiang Xue easily guessed that Su Ni had done something against Shen XI.

Now that she saw the scars and redness on Shen Xi’s face, Jiang Xue felt that she had guessed correctly.

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