124 Angry Guan Lei

Lu Lin was very happy.
he shouted, “Xi, I’m your brother.
You have to call me brother!”

Shen Xi said reluctantly: “Cousin.”

Lu Lin’s expression immediately became sad, as if he had been abandoned by Shen Xi.
Lu Lin’s sorrowful expression instantly evoked Shen Xi’s guilt.

As expected of a top-notch actor, the feeling of acting came easily.

Lu Lin’s voice was mournful, he said in a sorrowful tone: “Xi, don’t you want me as your brother anymore? Are you not even willing to call me brother now? For so many years, your brother has missed my aunt and little sister day and night.
He doesn’t even want to eat or drink, his eyes are filled with longing…”

Shen Xi touched the goosebumps on her body and immediately interrupted Lu Lin’s mournful voice, “Stop, stop, stop!”

Lu Lin immediately shut up, but his eyes quickly changed to a look of anticipation.

Shen Xi could only brace herself and call out again, “Brother!”

Lu Lin was extremely happy.
He happily let out an “Eh” and then coquettishly said: “Say it again…”

Shen Xi: “…”

After Shen Xi called him brother countless times, his assistant Ah Bao rushed over with a medical kit and an ice pack.

Lu Lin felt that as an older brother, he had to personally serve his sister.
This was the standard of a good older brother, so he took the ice pack and pressed Shen Xi to sit down, then, he started to apply ice on Shen Xi’s face.

Shen Xi was helpless and could only let Lu Lin serve her.
It was a little unbelievable to think that a world-renowned actor would apply medicine for her.

When Guan Lei rushed over, he saw a scene that almost made his blood boil.

In the orange-lit room, a handsome boy was carefully holding the girl’s face.
His movements were gentle as he held an ice pack and gently touched the girl’s fair, slightly red, and swollen face.
This ambiguous atmosphere directly stimulated Guan Lei.

Guan Lei was furious.
Did Shen Xi not say that she liked him? Why was she so close to other men? Did Shen Xi not care about his feelings? Was she not afraid that he would be unhappy?

When Ah Bao, the assistant inside, saw that someone had come, he was about to say something when he saw the teenager at the door turn around and left with a gloomy face.
Ah Bao could only inexplicably close the door.

Hearing the sound of the door closing, Guan Lei turned his head in disbelief.
When he saw the tightly shut door, he felt even more uncomfortable.
He turned around and left in a huff.

Guan Lei felt a strange feeling of swelling and sourness enveloping his heart, making him unable to breathe for no reason.

Shen Xi, this shallow woman who was fickle in her thoughts, actually forgot that the person she liked was called Guan Lei when she saw a handsome boy.
It made him so angry!

Xue Li, who was beside him, looked nervously at Guan Lei who suddenly released his pressure.
He felt goosebumps in his heart.
He had also seen the scene in the room just now, but he did not expect this Young Master to have such a big reaction.

Suddenly, a message popped up on his phone.
After reading it, Xue Li swallowed his saliva and reported: “Young Master, we have found out about those few people as well as the account that was canceled…”

“What’s the use of you investigating this? She doesn’t need it!” Guan Lei did not know why he was so angry.
In any case, he felt very uncomfortable and wanted to get angry.

Xue Li smiled bitterly and muttered in his heart, was that not the order that Young Master just gave?

However, looking at Guan Lei who seemed to have eaten explosives, Xue Li could only smile and say: “Yes, it was unnecessary of me.
So I’ll let them go?”

Guan Lei suddenly stopped in his footsteps.
Xue Li and the others who did not have time to brake behind him directly crashed into a pile in order to avoid colliding with Guan Lei.

Guan Lei’s chest rose and fell with anger.
The surrounding bodyguards held their breaths, afraid that they would provoke Guan Lei.

After a long while, Guan Lei said expressionlessly: “Investigate all the businesses in their families and find them one by one.
Don’t let any of them go.
Take good care of them!”

Xue Li bowed his head respectfully and agreed.
Then, he silently mourned for the businesses of those girls.
They had directly offended Guan Lei.

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