122 Lu Lin to the Rescue

As Xiao Die spoke, she lifted her foot and kicked Shen Xi in the face.
The tip of her shoe was aimed directly at Shen Xi’s eyes.

Shen Xi panicked and quickly hid her head in front of her chest.
Just when Shen Xi thought her head was going to be kicked like a ball, she suddenly heard several painful cries from the surroundings, the external force that was hitting her also disappeared in an instant.

Shen Xi tentatively raised her head and opened her eyes.
She saw Xiao Die hugging her ankles and crying desperately in the corner.
The other girls were also lying on the ground, wailing in all directions.

Before Shen Xi could react, Lu Lin rushed forward to help Shen Xi up.
He looked at the wound on Shen Xi’s face with a pained expression.
He wanted to touch it, but he was afraid that Shen Xi would feel pain, so he did not dare to touch it for the time being.

Looking at Shen Xi’s scarred face, Lu Lin’s eyes were slightly red as he asked: “Xi, does it hurt?”

Lu Lin’s voice was extremely soft.
It was as if Shen Xi’s wound would hurt even more if he spoke a little louder.
He was very careful, but there was also a strong sense of heartache.

Shen Xi was shocked by Lu Lin’s careful and pained expression.

She had no relations with Lu Lin, right? Lu Lin’s expression could easily be misunderstood, okay?

Shen Xi cautiously hid behind Lu Lin, staying a little further away from him.
She did not want to be labeled as a seducer before she was cleared of being framed as an extreme fan, then, one day, she would be caught and beaten up again.

Lu, let’s keep some distance so that we won’t cause unnecessary misunderstandings.” Shen Xi said as politely as she could.

Lu Lin saw Shen Xi hiding from him and what Shen Xi said, so he naturally understood what Shen Xi was worried about.
However, he still felt sad that his sister was actually hiding from him.
It seemed that it was better to explain it clearly.

Lu Lin’s assistant immediately walked forward and untied the ropes on Shen Xi’s hands and feet.
Only then did Shen Xi relax and get up by herself

Lu Lin wanted to go forward and help Shen Xi, but Shen Xi immediately retreated as if she was avoiding a plague.
Lu Lin’s hand that wanted to help Shen Xi stopped awkwardly in mid-air for a moment, and then he put it down resentfully.

When he saw the red mark on Shen Xi’s hand, Lu Lin immediately flew into a rage.
He turned his head and looked at Xiao Die and the others who were all huddled together.

It was revealed by a few of Lu Lin’s fans in Shen XI’s class just now.
They said that there were rumors in the fan group that Shen Xi and Zhao Yuan were selling Lu Lin’s whereabouts to the paparazzi, so Lu Lin’s fans wanted to teach Shen Xi and Zhao Yuan a lesson.

Those fans in the same class thought that it was only talk in the fan group, but they did not expect that someone would actually kidnap Shen Xi.

According to the information provided by those fans, Lu Lin was able to find Shen Xi so quickly.

Lu Lin really did not dare to imagine what would have happened if he had been half a step late and Shen Xi had been kicked in the head.

Lu Lin never expected that his arrival would actually bring disaster to Shen Xi.
That kind of guilt and lingering fear made Lu Lin’s entire face reveal fierce anger when he faced Xiao Die and the others.

“Send all of them to the police station.
Call the lawyer and give them a harsh sentence!” Lu Lin gritted his teeth and said angrily.

Xiao Die heard that her idol was actually going to send her to the police station and immediately knelt towards Lu Lin.
However, she was blocked by the bodyguards that Lu Lin brought.

“Brother Lu, we just want to teach these extreme fans a lesson.
We’re doing this for your own good!” Xiao Die cried out in grief.

Lu Lin was so angry that he wanted to rush up and hit someone.
However, his assistant, Ah Bao, hugged him tightly.

Lu Lin had always had a good temper.
He always spoke gently to his assistant.
This was the first time Ah Bao had seen Lu Lin so angry that his eyes had turned red.

Ah Bao looked at Shen Xi tentatively, secretly guessing Shen Xi’s identity.

Lu Lin’s eyes were burning with anger as he shouted: “For my own good? Hitting someone for my own good? Then I really have to thank you all.
I don’t deserve fans like you!”

Lu Lin was so angry that he was almost speechless.
He shouted at the bodyguard: “What are you waiting for? Do you want me to personally send them to the police station?”

Xiao Die also did not expect that Lu Lin, who had always been tolerant and warm to his fans, would be so angry this time.
He even wanted to send them to the police station.
The few of them immediately begged Lu Lin loudly for mercy.

However, no matter how much they cried, Lu Lin still did not have the slightest intention of letting them go.
In the end, they could only be forcefully dragged out by the bodyguard.

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