121 Beaten Up

“Nonsense, we naturally believe in our Brother Lu!” Xiao Die retorted anxiously.

“Then that’s it.
Your Brother Lu thinks that I’m a good person.
Why would a good person do such an immoral thing? You have to believe in your Brother Lu’s judgment.” Shen Xi said in a suggestive manner.

Xiao Die frowned and thought deeply.
She exchanged a few glances with the others as if she was considering the credibility of Shen Xi’s words.

Suddenly, Shen Xi’s phone vibrated.
Xiao Die and the others were shocked when they heard the phone vibrate.
She immediately took out her phone from Shen Xi’s pocket and hung up the phone.

Shen Xi cursed herself in her heart.
If she had known earlier, she would have turned off the vibration.
Now, the tool to call for help was gone.

Xiao Die’s eyes also became gloomy, she gritted her teeth and said: “Don’t try to mislead us.
You already knew what Lu Lin’s grandfather looked like, so you helped him.
Brother Lu Lin was just too filial, so he was deceived by you.
You look like a cunning person.”

On the other side, Lu Lin, who had been hung up, looked at the principal with a frown, “Does your school confiscate the cell phones of students during school? Is Shen XI’s cell phone in the hands of the student officials of your student union? Otherwise, why would someone hang up on me?”

The principal who was standing next to him answered with a doubtful and uncertain expression: “Our school doesn’t have the rule to confiscate the students’ phones?”

The grade director next to him immediately answered, “No, no.
The students in our school are more self-disciplined.
We don’t accept cell phones.”

Therefore, the level head directly called Sun Ling.
Sun Ling could not contact Shen Xi, so she called Zhao Yuan.

If it were any other day, the students would have gone home on a Friday night.

However, today was the school’s anniversary and it would end late at night.
Therefore, all the students were required to stay on campus and could only go back the next morning.

Therefore, Sun Ling called Zhao Yuan, who was more familiar with Shen Xi.
If she could not find Shen Xi through Zhao Yuan, Sun Ling might have to contact Shen Xi’s parents.

Zhao Yuan, who was showing off in the other dormitories, ran back to her own dormitory after receiving the call.
Only then did she realize that Shen Xi was not in the dormitory.
She called a few times but no one picked up.
Zhao Yuan instantly panicked.

Hearing that Shen Xi seemed to be missing, Lu Lin panicked and hurriedly called for people to look for her.

Sun Ling also immediately asked the class group if anyone had seen Shen Xi.
At the same time, she gathered people to look for Shen Xi.

At the same time, Guan Lei had just returned from outside the school.
There were some things that had been delayed in the company today, so Guan Lei did not attend the school’s anniversary.
As a result, when he entered the dormitory, he heard his roommate talking about Shen Xi’s disappearance.

Guan Lei grabbed his roommate’s collar and asked anxiously: “Who did you say was missing?”

His roommate was shocked by Guan Lei’s expression which looked like he was about to eat someone.
He stuttered: “It’s… It’s Shen Xi.
The form teacher sent a notice in the group asking if we have seen Shen Xi.”

Guan Lei cursed in his heart.
Then, he took out his phone and was about to call Shen Xi.
However, he realized that he did not have Shen Xi’s phone number, so he could only call someone to look for Shen Xi.

With a sounding “pa”, a clear palm print immediately appeared on Shen Xi’s face.

Shen Xi’s tongue touched half of her face that had been slapped.
She could not help but think of the scene of being bullied in prison in her previous life.
The difference was that she was extremely terrified at that time.
This time, Shen Xi only turned his head coldly to look at Xiao Die and the others.

When Xiao Die saw that Shen Xi was actually looking at her with that fearless gaze, the fire in her heart immediately rose.
With a shout, the girls next to her rushed towards Shen Xi.

Shen Xi, who had her hands and feet bound by the rope, immediately arched her body to protect the weak parts of her body.
However, she was also hit a few times.
She was in so much pain that she grimaced in pain, and many scratches appeared on her face.

Xiao Die looked at Shen Xi happily in her heart.
She was still holding her phone and recording a video.
At this moment, she naturally had to record it.
When the time came, she would post it in the fan group and let those extreme fans who pretended to be fans see it.

Xiao Die said fiercely: “I’ll let you see what happens to the extreme fans who make use of our Brother Lu to make money! I want to let you, these immoral extreme fans, know that we Elk are not to be trifled with!”

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