119 Lu Xi Art Gallery

Shen Xi and Zhao Yuan sneered at the side.
The matter was very clear.
Obviously, Jiang Xue did not want them to be rewarded, so she set up a trap for Su Ni to get into.

Lu Lin coldly interrupted Jiang Xue and Su Xi’s argument, he said loudly: “Since the matter is already clear, the two of you should quickly go down.
Otherwise, you’ll embarrass yourself here and show bad examples to your juniors.”

Su Ni was so angry that her eyes were red from her idol’s words that she ran off the stage.
Jiang Xue also quickly followed her.

Jiang Xue felt that Lu Lin was right.
If they continued to stay there, it would be even more embarrassing.

The people below also started to ridicule the two of them.
Just a moment ago, they were praising Su Ni, but now, they were belittling Su Leng.

Without the bad people on stage, Lu Lin felt that the air on the entire stage was fresh.

Lu Lin picked up the microphone and said: “Helping others is a good virtue.
At the same time, taking advantage of others is also a shameful act.
I hope my fans can be strict with themselves and not do anything that violates morality.”

Lu Lin’s words caused the audience to cheer.

Lu Lin’s gaze turned to Shen Xi and Zhao Yuan on the stage.

At this moment, Zhao Yuan was so excited that she could not control herself.
She trembled and shouted, “Brother Lu!”

Shen Xi looked at Zhao Yuan, then looked at Lu Lin’s expression that seemed to be filled with anticipation.
She also called out numbly, “Brother Lu!”

Lu Lin was a little dissatisfied as he said to Shen Xi: “Why are you calling me Brother Lu? Why don’t you just call me brother instead!”

Lu Lin’s eyes revealed a hint of indulgence, instantly causing everyone below the stage to be stunned.

Shen Xi only felt that the surroundings suddenly became quiet, and the air seemed to freeze.
After a long while, the crowd began to rustle again.
Shen Xi could even hear the envious words of the students below the stage.

“Wow! I want to call you brother too!”

“Oh my God! I really want to directly pierce through Shen Xi’s soul.
I’m so envious!”

“I also want to be watched by Brother Lu so dotingly!”

“Brother Lu, please let Shen Xi go.
Let me do it.
I can do it!”

Shen Xi pointed at herself with her index finger in disbelief and asked softly: “Are you asking me to call you brother?”

Shen Xi felt that there must be something wrong with Lu Lin.
Why did he just casually call her little sister?

Lu Lin’s eyes lit up as he stared at Shen Xi and said: “Yes! Not just you.
I treat all the fans as little sisters!”

Lu Lin recalled what his grandfather had said about not having too high a profile, so he restrained himself a little.
In order to acknowledge this younger sister, Lu Lin acknowledged all the fans as his younger sister.

Although Lu Lin had no choice, the fans below immediately exploded.
In an instant, the word ‘brother’ rang non-stop in the air above the auditorium.

There were even male students who shouted loudly: “Brother, I’m your younger brother!”

Even Zhao Yuan, who was on stage, called Lu Lin “brother” a few times excitedly.

Lu Lin facepalmed.
His grandfather had asked him to acknowledge his younger sister, but in the end, he had acknowledged a bunch of them.
He even has younger brothers.
He wondered if his grandfather would be happy if he knew.

When the voices in the audience quieted down, Lu Lin held the microphone and said: “It’s just you left, Student Shen Xi!”

Shen Xi facepalmed as well.
What the hell was going on!

In the end, Shen Xi could only force a smile and call out, “Brother!”

This call of “brother” made Lu Lin feel very comfortable.

He was the third brother in the family, and there were two older brothers above him.
Now that he had a cute little sister, Lu Lin felt as if he had eaten honey, and his heart was filled with sweetness.

Lu Lin finally understood how happy his grandfather was when he held Shen Xi’s photo at home all day long.

After he was done being happy, Lu Lin finally thought of the important matter and quickly asked the host to go through the procedure of the party.

The host wiped the sweat from his forehead.
was he finally being recognized?

Speaking of which, he wanted to call Lu Lin “brother”, but Lu Lin did not see him at all.

The host officially mentioned that Lu Lin’s grandfather wanted to donate an art gallery to the school in Shen Xi’s name.
Shen Xi refused.
She felt that such a method was a little ostentatious.

However, Lu Lin was insistent on the gift.
Therefore, Zhuo Ying High School was gifted with “Lu Xi Art Gallery”.

As for why it was changed to “Lu Xi Art Gallery”, Lu Lin explained that this was the deep relationship between the Lu Family and Shen Xi, so it was called Lu Xi.


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