116 Interrogation

When Su Ni returned to her seat with her head held high, the students next to her instantly surrounded her, begging Su Ni to give them some of Lu Lin’s autographs.
Some of the students from other classes even sneakily ran over, they squatted beside Su Ni to curry favor.

Su Ni put on an arrogant attitude and said: “As you all know, Brother Lu Lin is very busy.
But since you’re my classmates, I’ll help you get some benefits.
I’ll help you ask him in a while.”

Su Ni’s pretense did not deter the students who wanted Lu Lin’s autograph.
Instead, they became even more enthusiastic and flattered Su Ni.
Some of them even massaged Su Ni’s shoulders exaggeratedly.

Su Ni could be considered to have enjoyed the pleasure of being flattered.

The scene made Zhao Yuan, who was about to get up to go to the bathroom, give a disdainful “Tsk” and said unhappily: “Excuse me, don’t block the way.”

Su Ni snorted unhappily, and those people who were trying to curry favor with Su Ni automatically blocked Zhao Yuan’s way.
Zhao Yuan was blocked by those people and could not get out.
She was so angry that she gnashed her teeth.

Those people not only blocked her way but also looked at Zhao Yuan with mixed feelings in their eyes.
Sometimes, their view would even fall on Shen Xi.

Shen Xi was sensitive enough to notice the abnormality of these people and instantly took note of it.

The evening party was nearing its end.

When Lu Lin went on stage again, Su Ni was so excited that her heart pumped fast.

She was about to become the most popular person in the school.
She would be the envy of others!

On stage, Lu Lin was wearing a smile.
He looked handsome and sunny, charming many of the girls present.

When Su Ni heard Lu Lin call her name, she proudly walked onto the stage.

“My grandfather said that there were two girls at that time.
Since one of them was you, then there was another girl.
I think you know her too, right?” Lu Lin looked at Su Ni and said gently.

Su Ni was stunned.
There were two? Why did Jiang Xue not tell her about this? Su Ni’s heart instantly jumped.

Jiang Xue was also extremely nervous downstage.

Although Su Ni was the one who did this, she was the trigger.
In order to prevent Shen Xi from getting any credit, she tricked Su Ni into thinking that the other party was an old man with a mental disorder and encouraged her to take credit for Shen Xi.

If the matter was successful, Shen Xi would lose an art gallery.
If it failed, Su Ni would be the one who would be hurt.
It had nothing to do with her anyway.

However, if Su Ni were to turn against her now, not only would she be humiliated, but she would also incur the displeasure of Lu Lin’s fans.

Therefore, she could only pray that Su Ni would not say her name.

However, it was obvious that things did not go as planned.

Su Ni bit her lip and thought for a moment.
Only Jiang Xue knew about her plan.
Besides Jiang Xue, Su Ni could not think of anyone else.
She could only say: “The other person is my classmate Jiang Xue!”

When Jiang Xue heard her name, she almost fainted.
She cursed Su Ni in her heart.

At this moment, Lu Lin urged her on the stage: “Then please invite this Student Jiang Xue to come on stage.
I want to thank this Student on behalf of my grandfather.”

Jiang Xue wanted to leave secretly, but her classmates kept heckling her.
Jiang Xue could only go on stage.

Lu Lin looked at Jiang Xue and asked with a smile: “First of all, I’d like to thank this Student Jiang Xue, but I still have to go through the procedure and ask clearly.
Student Jiang Xue, may I ask if you were present when Student Su Ni helped my grandfather?”

Jiang Xue pursed her lips tightly and did not want to speak because she knew that once she opened her mouth and if the truth was exposed later on, she would also be very embarrassed.

Su Ni saw that Jiang Xue did not speak, so she directly went forward and pulled Jiang Xue and said: “Jiang Xue, today, we helped the old man together, right?”

Jiang Xue, who was in a dilemma, could only vaguely say: “Yes, yes.
In the morning, I met the old man at Dehui Building.
Later, my clothes were dirty, so I went back.”

“So, was it the two of you who sent my grandfather to the school gate?” Lu Lin continued to ask with an aggressive tone.

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