115 False Claims

The students below the stage were extremely envious.
To be able to have an art gallery named after oneself in Zhuo Ying High School, was an honor that would leave a mark in history.

Think of the students who would enter the school in the future, all of them would hear the words “Su Ni Art Gallery”, Su Ni’s heart was filled with a sense of honor.

Lu Lin, on the other hand, picked up the microphone and asked Su Ni in a cold voice, “May I ask this student, do you still remember what clothes my grandfather was wearing when you met him today? And where did you meet my grandfather?”

Su Ni knew that Lu Lin had doubts in his heart.
Fortunately, she had already prepared for it and answered confidently: “The old man was wearing the uniform of our school’s cleaner this morning.
I met him at the corner of Dehui Building.”

Zhao Yuan, who heard Su Ni’s words, was instantly dumbfounded.

Dehui Building, the old cleaner.
Was that not the place where she and Shen Xi met Jiang Xue that morning?

Lu Lin snorted and continued, “This… Student Su Ni, is it? Are you really sure that you were the one who sent my grandfather to the school gate?”

When Lu Lin first heard that his grandfather wanted to use Shen Xi sending him to the school gate as an excuse to send Shen Xi to an art gallery, Lu Lin felt that it was a little exaggerated.
After all, it was just a kind gesture to send him, it was not a great deed or a great favor, and others would find it strange.

It was just that his Old master wanted to be so willful, so Lu Lin followed suit.
After all, Lu De’s ultimate goal was to find an excuse to send his granddaughter Shen Xi some things.

Besides, it was just an art gallery, and it was not expensive.

However, Lu Lin never expected that someone would actually come out to falsely claim it.
That was something that he could not tolerate.

A gift from a grandfather to his granddaughter was actually intercepted halfway!

Lu Lin’s doubt did not make Su Ni panic, she calmly said: “That’s right.
I still remember that the old man’s mind was a little unclear, so when I spoke to him, he did not have any reaction.
I originally thought that he might have forgotten me, but I did not expect that he would actually still remember my name.”

Below the stage, Shen Xi and Zhao Yuan looked at each other thoughtfully.
Could it be that the old man later ran back to Dehui Building, got lost, and was met by Su Xi and sent to the main entrance?

However, that old man’s words were clear, and he did not seem to be delirious.

Shen Xi shook her head.
Perhaps the old man that Su Ni met was not the same person as who they met.

When Lu Lin heard Su Ni’s answer, he was so angry that he almost laughed.
How could he not know if his grandfather was in a clear state of mind or not? How could an old man who could clearly handle all kinds of businesses be someone who was not clear-minded?

Lu Lin looked at Su Ni in front of him with a smile that was not a smile.
His eyes were filled with an inquiry.

Under Lu Lin’s gaze, Su Ni’s heart began to feel uncertain.
She also began to feel uneasy and guilty.

The host at the side also noticed that something was wrong.
He covered the microphone and asked Lu Lin, “Mr.
Lu, is there a problem? If there isn’t, then this Student Su Ni is going to give a speech.”

Lu Lin turned to the host and said: “Apart from the art gallery, my grandfather also asked me to bring some things to that kind student.
It’s just that the things have yet to arrive.
Why don’t we wait for the things to arrive and then give a speech together?”

After hearing Lu Lin’s words, Su Ni’s nervous heart instantly relaxed.
Then, ecstasy filled her entire body.
Not only was there an art gallery, but there was also a reward.
Su Ni was almost going crazy with joy.

The host respected Lu Lin’s choice.
After all, Lu Lin was the donor of the art gallery.

And at this moment, the audience was filled with envious praises for Su Lan.

“Su Ni is really lucky.
She actually met Lu Lin’s grandfather!”

“Does this count as a reward for her kindness? This is the reward for Su Ni’s kindness.”

“I’m so envious of Su Ni.
She can be so close to my idol and is now Lu Lin’s grandfather’s benefactor.
She will definitely have a lot of opportunities to meet Lu Lin in the future, right?”

Jiang Xue listened to the words of the people beside her and looked in the direction of Shen Xi proudly.

All this originally belonged to Shen Xi.
Unfortunately, Shen Xi offended her, so she was destined to not be fated with this art gallery and Lu Lin’s network.


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