114 Tampered With the Note

In the office, when the principal saw Su Ni, a loving smile appeared on his face, he said gently: “Student Su Ni, right? Just now, the person in charge of the party reported to me that you helped Lu Lin’s grandfather this morning.
This time, you have contributed a lot to the school to have an art gallery!”

When Su Ni heard principal Li Hai’s words, she was extremely proud.

As expected, it was correct to change Shen Xi’s name to hers before the person in charge opened the note.
Since Shen Xi was also an imposter, it would be better for her to take advantage of it.

However, on the surface, Su Ni appeared polite and fearful, “Principal, it was nothing.
If it was any other student who saw such an old and confused old man, they would have come forward to help.
This is all because of the school’s good teaching and your good leadership, principal.”

Su Ni’s flattery made Li Hai’s mood quite good.

“Not bad.
Student Su Ni’s awareness is very high, but this time you have also won glory for the school.
So you should make some preparations.
When you go on stage later, you also have to give a speech.
After all, you have also bought a lot of assets for the school.
We should be thankful, understand?”

Su Ni said very tactfully: “I know.
The principal’s teaching is what I should be grateful for the most!”

Li Hai nodded with a gratified expression.

On the other side of the auditorium, when the host mentioned that the mysterious guest that came today was an international superstar, the atmosphere in the auditorium instantly exploded, and the screams came one wave after another.

When the host on the stage shouted the words “Lu Lin”, the support lights of Lu Lin on the audience stand instantly lit up, and the word “Lu Lin” resounded in every corner of the auditorium.

Lu Lin, who was dressed in a black shirt with a metal accessory, appeared on the stage.
The music that came with it was Lu Lin’s song “Battle of The Heavens”.

The majestic and passionate music ignited the passion of all the students present.
Many of them sang along with Lu Lin excitedly.

Shen Xi looked at Zhao Yuan who was singing along with Lu Lin heartlessly, and her head was full of black lines.

This girl was really obsessed! However, as an actor, Lu Lin sang pretty well too.

After the song ended, the host spent a long time appeasing all the excited students present and then said the next segment’s content.

“Dear students, actor Lu Lin came to our school tonight for another matter.
Just this morning, Lu Lin’s grandfather got lost in our school, and a student helped to send him out.
Although it was just a matter of convenience for this student, the old man was very grateful and plans to send an art gallery to our school and name it after this student.” The host said.

The students below instantly began to discuss, guessing who this kind-hearted student was.

The host kept suspense for a moment.
Under Lu Lin’s signal, he finally revealed: “This student is our grade three, class two, Student Su Ni!”

As soon as the host finished speaking, Lu Lin instantly frowned and snatched the program list from the host’s hands, giving the host a fright.

When he saw that the program list was written with the words “Su Ni”, Lu Lin was a little stunned.
This afternoon, he had clearly written the words “Shen Xi”, how did it become “Su Ni” now?

While Lu Lin was in a daze, Su Ni had already walked onto the stage amidst the envious voices of the students on the stage.
She looked at Lu Lin, who was so close to her, with a shy face, but her heart was so excited that she could not help but scream.

This was the first time Su Ni looked at her idol so closely.
He was actually a thousand times better looking than what he looked like on television.

Lu Lin’s gaze was cold as he moved away from the program list in his hand and looked at the unfamiliar girl in front of him.

He had only been back for a day or two.
His grandfather always took Shen Xi’s photo and told Lu Lin how good-looking his granddaughter was, so Lu Lin knew what Shen Xi looked like.

In addition, Lu Lin also knew that the note he gave to the person in charge of the party had the words “Shen Xi” written on it, so Lu Lin could be sure that someone had tampered with the note.

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