113 The Grandfather of an International Superstar

“Jiang Xue, why are you here?” Su Ni had just put down her phone when she saw Jiang Xue walking toward her with a slightly serious expression.

The corners of Jiang Xue’s mouth curled up.
She gave Su Ni an unnatural smile and said: “I’m here to look for you.
The incident in the morning was messed up by Shen Xi and caused you to be scolded by your brother.
I was afraid that you would be unhappy.”

Hearing Jiang Xue mention Shen Xi, Su Ni was furious.
If it was not for the Vixen Shen Xi who caused Xiang Cheng to be beaten by Guan Lei, her brother would not have been unable to see Xiang Cheng and she would not have been scolded by her brother.

Looking at Su Ni’s resentful look, Jiang Xue said seemingly unintentionally: “I didn’t expect Shen Xi to be so lucky.
Two men fought for her in the morning and someone even gave her an art gallery at night.
I’m a little envious of her!”

“What?” Su Ni exclaimed in surprise.
She recalled the news she had just heard.
Lu Lin’s grandfather wanted to give a girl an art gallery.
Could that girl be Shen Xi?

Jiang Xue saw Su Ni’s reaction and smiled in her heart.

Actually, she had already been in the auditorium for a while.
She had been at the side when Su Ni was secretly taking photos of Lu Lin.

So when Lu Lin mentioned that there was a girl helping a lost old man, she instantly thought of the old cleaner from the morning.

Jiang Xue deliberately sneaked a look at the note that Lu Lin handed to the person in charge.
As expected, she saw the two words “Shen Xi” on it.

Jiang Xue really did not expect that the old man who looked like he was poor all over was actually the grandfather of international superstar Lu Lin.

If she knew the identity of the cleaner, how could such a good thing happen to Shen Xi?

Jiang Xue was extremely regretful.
She was the one who had met the cleaner first in the morning.
Why did Shen Xi get the good stuff in the end?

Shen Xi was not allowed to have things that she did not have!

“Don’t you know? I heard that Shen Xi accidentally helped an old man who was mentally deranged this morning.
That old man’s grandson planned to give Shen Xi an art gallery and name it after Shen Xi.
However…” Jiang Xue paused for a moment, she carefully looked around.

Then, Jiang Xue whispered into Su Ni’s ear: “I heard that old man was mentally deranged a long time ago, and he does not remember who helped him today.
Then, Shen Xi went to claim the credit herself.
Guess what happened? That man’s grandson was actually deceived by Shen Xi just like that.”

Su Ni frowned and asked seriously: “How do you know that Shen Xi is an imposter?”

Jiang Xue snorted and said: “Didn’t I get bumped by a cleaner this morning? That cleaner was that old man.
Later, I had to go back and change my clothes, so I left first.
But I saw that the old man was supported by another classmate I didn’t know, so if Shen Xi is not an imposter, then what is she?”

Su Ni pondered for a moment and made a decision in his heart, “Jiang Xue, can you tell me the details of how you met the old man in the morning?”

Seeing that Su Ni had taken the bait, Jiang Xue readily agreed.

At the end of his sentence, Su Ni asked Jiang Xue seriously, “Are you sure that the old man is mentally ill?”

Jiang Xue’s eyes flashed, but her tone was firm and resolute, “I’m sure.
After all, that old man’s words are vague.
and think about it, that old man is the grandfather of international superstar Lu Lin.
If he was normal, why would he wear the clothes of a cleaner and wander around our school? Why would he get lost and go missing?”

Hearing this, Su Ni nodded in agreement and then told Jiang Xue her plan.

Jiang Xue snickered in her heart when she heard this, but she frowned.
“Su Ni, are you sure you want to do this?”

Su Ni nodded and told herself in her heart that she was doing justice!

The party arrived as scheduled.
The school fans who had already known that Lu Lin would come had already prepared the support banners and were waiting for Lu Lin to appear.

Su Ni had just sat down when she saw her phone screen light up.
It was her form teacher, Sun Ling, who had asked her to make a trip to the principal’s office.

When Su Ni saw this message, she knew that her task had been accomplished.
She could not help but put on a smug smile.

She left her seat and went to the principal’s office.

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