112 Generous

After sending Shen Xi back to her dormitory, Guan Lei returned to his own dormitory.

Thinking of Shen Xi’s silly and dazed look just now, the corners of Guan Lei’s mouth could not help but curl up.
He thought to himself, why did he not realize that Shen Xi was actually so cute before?

With a silly smile on his face, Guan Lei pushed open the door of his dormitory.
He was shocked by the crowd of people in the dormitory.
He immediately put away the smile on the corner of his mouth and put on a cold expression, he looked coldly at his roommate and other people he did not know.

Initially, Guan Lei thought that Xiang Cheng would not give up and had bribed his roommate to beat him.
However, before Guan Lei could roll up his sleeves, a group of burly men opposite him bowed ninety degrees to Guan Lei and shouted loudly at the same time, “Brother Lei!”

The corner of Guan Lei’s mouth twitched.
The fighting spirit that had just been aroused instantly collapsed in the face of this “Brother Lei”.

“Brother Lei, this is our big meal to show our respect to you, Brother Lei!” His roommate picked up a lunchbox and pushed it in front of Guan Lei with a silly smile on his face.

It was only then that Guan Lei remembered that it was lunchtime.
He had originally wanted to go to Auspicious Dragon Hall to have lunch with Shen Xi, but in the end, the meal was not finished and they even had a fight.

He had made a mistake just now.
He actually did not invite Shen Xi to have lunch together and even let Shen Xi go back to the dormitory hungry.
Guan Lei gnawed on his chopsticks in frustration.

What Guan Lei did not know was that the fight in Auspicious Dragon Hall had made him famous.
He directly replaced the school bully Zhou Tie and became the new school bully of Zhuo Ying High School.

Naturally, Xiang Cheng was nowhere to be seen in the outstanding alumni speech in the afternoon.
Once Guan Lei left, Xiang Cheng also fled dejectedly in his Bugatti.

Meanwhile, Lu Lin, who was supposed to arrive at night, actually showed up at the school’s auditorium in advance to rehearse.

This auditorium was the venue for the evening event.

According to the plan, Lu Lin’s appearance as a mysterious guest did not require him to participate in the rehearsal.
Therefore, Lu Lin’s arrival surprised the students who were familiar with the layout and scene.

Su Ni, who had originally planned to bring her brother and Xiang Cheng to meet for dinner, had been blamed by her brother for losing her trust in his brother.
Feeling uncomfortable, she did not attend the lecture and instead asked for leave to come to the auditorium.

Su Ni knew that Lu Lin would be coming tonight, so she planned to come over early to check out the location and see which angle was the best angle to take photos.
That way, she would be able to take photos from the best angle at night and sell them for a good price.

However, Su Ni had never expected that there would be a surprise.

She actually saw Lu Lin ahead of time, so she grabbed her phone and sneakily followed behind Lu Lin.

“Grandfather, I know.
I’ll handle it well.
You just stay in the hotel obediently.
I’ll pick you up tonight, okay?” Lu Lin tried his best to coax Lu De on the other end of the phone.

After a while, Lu Lin shook his head and sighed as he hung up the phone.
Grandfather was getting harder and harder to coax as he got older.

Lu Lin said to the person in charge at the scene: “It’s like this.
Today, My grandfather got lost at school, and then he met a kind-hearted female classmate who sent him back.
So my grandfather plans to send an art gallery to Zhuo Ying High School.
The name will be named after that girl.”

The person in charge said: “Okay, I’ll talk to the host about this matter now.
I promise to do it properly.”

Su Ni, who was hiding in the dark, sighed in her heart.
Lu Lin’s grandfather was really generous.
He actually had an art gallery at his disposal.
Who knew which girl was so discerning that she actually helped Lu Lin’s grandfather?

It was not until Lu Lin entered the single-person dressing room behind the scenes in the auditorium that Su Ni put down her phone and found a place to rest.

At this moment, the discussion about punishing the revelation of Lu Lin’s whereabouts in the Lu Lin fan group had also come to a conclusion.

Su Ni looked coldly at the punishment plan discussed in the group.
In her heart, she was already beginning to look forward to the tragic end of Shen Xi and Zhao Yuan.

Su Ni felt that her plan this time was simply too successful.
It was effortless and did not require her to personally handle anything.
She was able to let her enemies receive the retribution they deserved.

At this moment, Shen Xi and Zhao Yuan were sitting in the large multimedia classroom, listening to all kinds of speeches and commendations.

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