111 Familiar

Jiang Xue was shocked by Guan Lei’s fierce gaze.
Her heart trembled for a moment before she put on a bitter face and ran sideways to find her backer, Xiang Cheng, to complain.

“Brother Xiang Cheng, look at that Guan Lei.
He actually dares to threaten me so arrogantly.
You have to help me teach Guan Lei who doesn’t know his position a lesson.
Xiang Cheng…” Jiang Xue was still crying when she was stopped by Xiang Cheng.

“Shut up!” Xiang Cheng wished he could stuff Jiang Xue’s mouth which caused trouble.
Guan Lei had finally let him off.
If Jiang Xue, this idiot, angered Guan Lei again, he would be in big trouble.

Jiang Xue was suddenly yelled at by Xiang Cheng who forcefully stopped her crying.
However, it was also because she stopped too suddenly that she actually started to burp.

In the quiet principal’s office, Jiang Xue burped one after another.
It was unusually loud and unrefined.
Jiang Xue felt extremely embarrassed.
She got up and ran out crying.

Xiang Cheng supported himself on the sofa and stood up with his trembling legs.
He walked out of the office with his hands on the wall.

At this moment, Shen Xi and Guan Lei were walking out of the school administration building one after another.

Shen Xi secretly looked at Guan Lei out of the corner of her eyes, wanting to see if Guan Lei had been bullied or injured.
Seeing that Guan Lei was fine, Shen Xi then lowered her head with relief.
Stepping in Guan Lei’s shadow, she followed behind Guan Lei and walked quietly.

It was all Jiang Xue’s fault.
Otherwise, the two of them would not be so awkward right now!

If it was not for Jiang Xue’s words just now, Shen Xi might not have taken an unexpected hug to heart.

Guan Lei caught Shen XI peeking at him just now, and his mood was inexplicably happy.
Shen Xi really liked him as Jiang Xue said.
Otherwise, why would Shen Xi be shy just from a hug and secretly observing him up just now?

Guan Lei suddenly stopped, and Shen Xi, who was behind him, suddenly bumped into Guan Lei’s back.

With a cry of surprise, Shen Xi’s delicate nose bumped into Guan Lei’s hard back.
Shen Xi cursed Guan Lei’s entire being.
She did not know what he had eaten to grow up, but why was his entire body so hard?

Guan Lei turned around and looked at Shen Xi, who was covering his nose with her hand, and even her physiological tears were flowing out.
His heart ached terribly.
One of his hands pulled Shen Xi’s hand to look at her nose, and the other hand wiped a few times on his body, then, he gently wiped the tears at the corner of Shen Xi’s eyes.

“How is it? Does it still hurt?” Guan Lei asked with concern.

“It hurts! It’s all your fault.
You were walking fine.
Why did you suddenly stop? It hurts so much!” Shen Xi complained to Guan Lei with grievances.

Guan Lei also apologized in a good temper, “Okay, okay, okay.
It’s my fault.
Don’t cry anymore.
Be good!”

When Shen Xi heard the word “Be good”, her entire body trembled for no reason.
She instantly stopped crying and stepped back without leaving a trace.
She was a little further away from Guan Lei.

Shen Xi raised her hand and wiped the tears on her face.
She was extremely annoyed.
When did she become such a delicate little crying bag?

Guan Lei put down his hand that was awkwardly hovering in mid-air.
He thought to himself, Shen Xi was probably shy, right? The shy Shen Xi was quite cute.
It made people want to protect her.

As Guan Lei thought of this, he also said, “In the future, you don’t have to be afraid of Xiang Cheng.
I will protect you.”

At this moment, Guan Lei had long forgotten that the reason he wanted to get close to Shen Xi in the first place was that he wanted to be a partner with Shen Xi to make Xiang Cheng’s life difficult.
After all, the enemy of his enemy was his friend.
It was purely because he thought it was interesting and fun.

However, at this moment, the only thought in Guan Lei’s mind was that he wanted to protect Shen Xi from being bullied by anyone.

Shen Xi looked up at the youth in front of him in a daze.
This was the first time someone had said to her so bluntly: “I will protect you.”

The Summer breeze was slightly tipsy, blowing up the youth’s soft forehead hair.
His bright smile was filled with the aura of the sun.
Moreover, in those bright and sincere eyes, the pitch-black pupils seemed to have an attraction, and Shen Xi could not help but fall in love with them.

Vaguely, Shen Xi actually felt that the Guan Lei in front of her had a sense of familiarity.

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