was also waiting for Xiang Cheng outside, looked at Shen Xi proudly and said: “Shen Xi, so what if Guan Lei defeated Xiang Cheng? He has no power and no authority.
In the end, he will still be trampled under Xiang Cheng’s feet and then driven out of Zhuo Ying High School like a homeless dog.”

Although Xiang Cheng was bullied and teased by Guan Lei just now and even said the sentence “I’m not a man”, Jiang Xue felt embarrassed.

But Xiang Cheng was still a member of the Xiang Group.
Even if Guan Lei won, he would still have to submit to the power of Xiang Cheng’s family.

In the end, Jiang Xue, still won against Shen Xi.
After all, her man was much stronger than Shen Xi’s man.

Shen XI shot a cold glance at Jiang Xue but did not say anything.
Instead, she continued to place her ears at the door of the principal’s office to listen for any movements inside.

She made up her mind that if there were any big movements inside, she would rush in and bring out both her grandfathers, warning Xiang Cheng and the others not to go overboard.

After all, Guan Lei was implicated by her.
Shen Xi could not let Guan Lei be bullied by Xiang Cheng for revenge.

Jiang Xue was asking for it.
She could only make sarcastic remarks on the side.

In the office, Guan Lei was sitting cross-legged on the armchair that the principal usually sat on.
He looked at Xiang Cheng, who was flying into a rage, with a half-smile.

“You are too arrogant! Get down from the chair.
Can the position of the principal also be occupied by a lowly dog like you?” Xiang Cheng was stunned by Guan Lei’s actions, a poor boy actually dared to sit on the principal’s office chair.

However, the principal, Li Hai, did not care about Guan Lei’s rudeness at all.
Instead, he held a cup of tea that he personally brewed, he smiled and said with a flattering tone: “Hey, it’s a blessing to the chair if Student Guan wants to sit on it.
Come, Student Guan, have a cup of tea to moisten your throat.”

Xiang Cheng watched in disbelief as Li Hai respectfully served tea to Guan Lei.
Although Li Hai was polite to him, he had never been so humble.

Xiang Cheng questioned Li Hai unwillingly: “Principal Li, what are you doing? As the head of a school, don’t you feel ashamed to be so humble? It seems that I have to let my father carefully consider your ability.”

Li Hai looked at Xiang Cheng with disdain.
The Xiang Group was indeed a shareholder of the school, but the Guan Family was the major shareholder.
Compared to the Guan family, the Xiang family was nothing.


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