Guan Lei did not care about the cries below, nor did he care about Xiang Cheng’s crying and howling.
He only threatened: “You know that I dare to push you down, just like I dare to beat that so-called school bully to death.”

Xiang Cheng could not help but tremble when he thought of Zhou Tie, who had been beaten half to death, and his back, which was now suspended in the air.

“So, who isn’t a man? Speak!” Guan Lei made a gesture to push Xiang Cheng.

Xiang Cheng was so frightened that he howled loudly: “I’m not a man! I’m not a man! I’m not a man!”

Xiang Cheng repeated several times, his voice especially loud as if this could reduce the fear in his heart.

Xiang Cheng’s voice was so loud that all the students below could hear it clearly.
It instantly caused everyone to burst into laughter.

The students who picked up their phones were even more surprised to record this scene.
They had originally thought that it would be evidence to record a murder scene, but now it had become the greatest humiliation of Xiang Cheng.

If he had known that there would be such a result, if he had known that Guan Lei had such an aggressive personality, Xiang Cheng felt that he would not come looking for trouble with Guan Lei even if he was beaten to death.
He would definitely find a professional killer to kill Guan Lei.

However, it was too late now.
The Xiang Family was definitely humiliated for sure.

When Guan Lei heard what he wanted to hear, he grabbed Xiang Cheng and threw him into a corner like he was throwing trash.
He clapped his hands, turned around, and left for downstairs.

When Jiang Xue saw that everything was over, she rushed back and met Guan Lei at the stairs.
Jiang Xue said angrily: “Guan Lei, do you know what you just did? Do you know who you bullied?”

Jiang Xue thought that Guan Lei did not realize the consequences of offending the Xiang Group.
Otherwise, how could Guan Lei bully Xiang Cheng like this?

Guan Lei looked at Jiang Xue coldly, “Indeed a pair of idiots.
Even the questions they ask are the same.
I’m going to say It again.
I know who I bullied.
His name is Xiang Cheng.
He is just an idiot with an empty head.”

Jiang Xue was angered by Guan Lei’s stubborn attitude.
She immediately abandoned Guan Lei and went upstairs to look for Xiang Cheng.

Shen Xi, who had been worried all this while, stepped forward and carefully checked if there were any injuries on Guan Lei’s body.

Guan Lei could feel Shen Xi’s suppressed emotions at this moment.
He guessed that Shen Xi was probably worried that the Xiang Group would take revenge on him after offending them right?

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