107 One-sided Hunting

Xiang Cheng saw that Shen Xi was confronting him for the sake of someone else, and the fire in his heart grew even stronger.
His anger spread to his chest, making him feel extremely uncomfortable.

The fire that filled his chest was directly transferred to Guan Lei who was hiding behind Shen Xi.
He said sarcastically: “What? Hiding behind a woman to seek peace? Is a person like you still considered a man?”

Guan Lei, who once again enjoyed being saved by a beauty, was in a great mood.
He did not care about the sarcasm in Xiang Cheng’s words.

However, he still pulled Shen Xi back to his back and looked at Xiang Cheng with disdain: “Who is not a man? This question can only be decided after a while.
Let the girls go out first, and then we will slowly settle the score.
How about that?”

Xiang Cheng was eager to do so.
He let the people guarding the door go away and urged Shen Xi and the other girls to go out.

Jiang Xue did not think that Guan Lei would win against Xiang Cheng and the others.
It was impossible to fight six against one, so she simply went out.
After all, the man she brought with her was better than the man Shen Xi brought with her.
She still had face.

Therefore, Jiang Xue just waited for Guan Lei to be beaten until he was on the verge of death before she came in and arrogantly mocked Shen Xi’s man as a piece of trash.
Thinking of this scene, Jiang Xue felt excited.

Meanwhile, Shen Xi was leaning against the door of the private room, not letting it close.
She knew that once the door was closed, Guan Lei would most likely lose his life.
After all, the other party had many people.

Moreover, with Xiang Cheng’s family’s influence, when the time came, they might justify it as a case of self-defense against Guan Lei.

Guan Lei gently said to Shen Xi: “Don’t worry, I will definitely be fine.”

Shen Xi frowned, her eyes filled with worry.
She shook her head disapprovingly, hoping that Guan Lei would go out with her.

Guan Lei looked at Shen Xi’s worried expression and thought that Shen Xi really did have feelings for him.
Otherwise, why would she be so worried about him? She was even unwilling to leave for her own safety.

Xiang Cheng felt that the scene of Shen Xi worrying about Guan Lei was too offending to the eye.
He casually picked up a stool and was about to throw it at Guan Lei’s back.

Guan Lei’s eyes turned serious.
He quickly pushed Shen Xi away and turned around, barely avoiding the stool that Xiang Cheng threw at him.

The stool hit the door of the private room and immediately left a huge hole.
If Guan Lei had not been able to dodge in time, he would have been injured.

Shen Xi looked at Guan Lei with lingering fear and wanted to rush in.
After all, Guan Lei had suffered this undeserved disaster because of her, but Zhao Yuan held her back tightly.

“Xi, don’t go in.
What if you get injured?” Zhao Yuan looked at the big hole in the door with lingering fear.

At this time, the door of the private room was locked by Guan Lei.
Shen Xi could only leave quickly.
First, she called the form teacher and asked her to bring the security guards.
Today was the school’s anniversary, so there were many security guards.

Then, Shen Xi quickly found the person in charge of the restaurant and wanted to get someone to open the door of the private room.
After all, Xiang Cheng would still restrain himself in public.

However, at this time, a one-sided hunt had already appeared in Tianxi No.
It was not like what Xiang Cheng had imagined, where a few people were ganging up against Guan Lei.
Instead, Guan Lei was attacking Xiang Cheng and his gang one by one.

Guan Lei had an evil smile on his face.
His hands were mercilessly pounding Zhou Tie’s face.
All the lackeys who wanted to come up and save Zhou Tie were kicked back by Guan Lei with his legs.

After a while, Xiang Cheng, who thought that he would be the winner, saw his men lying on the ground and wailing.
Zhou Tie was scared by Guan Lei and hid in a corner, not daring to move.

Xiang Cheng was scared.
While Guan Lei was dealing with the last lackey, he ran toward the door.
However, before he reached the door, he was dragged back by Guan Lei.

The 1.8-meter-tall Xiang Cheng was carried by the 1.88-meter Guan Lei as if he was carrying a chicken.

Xiang Cheng, who was struggling to get rid of Guan Lei, picked up a vase beside him with one hand and smashed it in the direction of Guan Lei behind him.

However, before he could smash it, he was blocked by Guan Lei’s palm.
He conveniently turned Xiang Cheng around and kicked Xiang Cheng’s butt.

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