106 Sweet Protection

As soon as she entered Auspicious Dragon Hall, Li Jin’s eyes lit up.
This was her first time here.
The interior layout was magnificent, and there was a huge golden dragon lying at the entrance, majestic yet noble.

Xiang Cheng walked at the front proudly, and the Attendants who came to welcome the guests respectfully inquired about Xiang Cheng’s needs.

Xiang Cheng said loudly: “The most expensive room, Tianxi No.

The Attendant’s tone was even more respectful to Xiang Cheng.
He led Xiang Cheng and the others quickly to Tianxi No.
This room was on the second floor.
There was a balcony, and outside the balcony was the school garden.

Shen Xi was tired and found a seat to sit down.
She decided to eat well in a while and leave after eating.

Guan Lei directly sat on Shen Xi’s right.
Jiang Xue quickly walked to the seat on Shen Xi’s left, but she was still one step too slow.

Xiang Cheng quickly sat on Shen Xi’s left.
Jiang Xue glared at the back of Shen Xi’s head with jealousy and hatred in her heart, then walked to Xiang Cheng’s left and sat down.

Xiang Cheng calmly picked up the menu and arrogantly threw it to Guan Lei.
He said generously: “This is a rare opportunity.
Order whatever you want to eat!”

The corner of Guan Lei’s mouth curled up.
He smiled and said: “Since it’s Young Master Xiang’s treat, I won’t stand on ceremony.
Attendant, please serve all the dishes in your restaurant.”

Jiang Xue, who was looking at the menu, was instantly shocked by Guan Lei.
The lowest dish here cost 1,000 yuan, and the most expensive one went straight to 200,000 yuan.
The key problem was that there were many dishes in Auspicious Dragon Hall, there were a total of 500 well-known and unique dishes.
Would this meal not make Xiang Cheng go bankrupt?

The corner of Xiang Cheng’s mouth twitched.
If there were six people, he could easily afford to eat anything.
However, if they ordered 500 dishes at once, he would probably have maxed out his credit card limit.
Moreover, he would probably be beaten to death by his father the moment he returned home.

Jiang Xue immediately rebutted: “There’s no need to order so many dishes, right? There are only six of us.
Wouldn’t it be a waste to order so many dishes? Moreover, we wouldn’t be able to finish 500 dishes even if we ate until tomorrow.
Xiang Cheng still has an outstanding alumni speech in the afternoon.
This will delay his speech.”

Guan Lei sneered and said sarcastically: “What? You can’t afford it? Weren’t you so arrogant just now, asking me to order as you please?”

Xiang Cheng knew that Guan Lei was deliberately making things difficult for him.
He suppressed his anger and said: “Junior Guan Lei, you should know when to stop.
I’ve been tolerating you for Xi’s sake.
Don’t push your luck.”

Guan Lei laughed frivolously: “You don’t have enough money and can’t afford it, just say it.
Don’t waste time here.”

After saying that, Guan Lei pulled Shen Xi up and said: “Let’s go.
I’ll bring you to eat the private dishes personally made by this chef called Chef Wang.
It’s definitely better than what Xiang Cheng offered.”

However, before Guan Lei could walk out of the door, the door of the private room was pushed open heavily by a few people.

At this moment, Xiang Cheng revealed a sinister laugh and said to Guan Lei bluntly: “Do you think that it’s that easy to get out after entering my territory?”

Through the matter of Guan Lei grabbing his hand just now, Xiang Cheng knew that he could not beat Guan Lei.
Therefore, on the way to Auspicious Dragon Hall, he sent a message to his underlings in the school, asking them to bring people over.

After all, it was his alma mater, and there were people in the school that he, Xiang Cheng, knew.
Even though he rarely came to the school to attend classes, it did not affect his influence in school.
How could Guan Lei alone beat him?

Guan Lei protected Shen Xi behind him and said to Xiang Cheng in a cold voice: “If you don’t try, how do you know I can’t get out?”

Li Jin hid behind Shen Xi and Zhao Yuan.
With a trembling voice, he pointed at the leader and said: “This is our school bully, Zhou Tie.
He’s very fierce when he fights.”

When Shen XI heard Li Jin’s words, she became nervous.
The most important person in this matter was still Xiang Cheng.
Shen XI still did not want the powerless Guan Lei to be bullied by Xiang Cheng.

Guan Lei, who was already gearing up for a big fight, was pulled to the back by Shen XI before he could react.

Shen Xi looked at Xiang Cheng with a serious expression and said: “This matter started because of me.
Xiang Cheng, if you want to find someone to make things difficult, you can just look for me directly.
Why do you have to make things difficult for my classmate?”

Guan Lei looked at Shen Xi in disbelief.
Today was the second time that Shen XI had protected him.
How should he describe that kind of feeling? It was like he had sugar in his mouth, and his heart was sweet.


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