103 Great Minds Think Alike

Guan Lei almost always kept a low profile.
He usually had his head on his desk during class, glaring at anyone who disturbed him.
With his hostility and impatience, most overlooked his handsome features.

“I’m not free; I’m not going!” Shen Xi replied, ill-disposed to Xiang Cheng’s invitation.

Shen Xi turned around and left without giving Xiang Cheng a chance to push further.
Zhao Yuan and Guan Lei trailed after Shen Xi.
They were only present because the class monitor said to gather for a campus tour.
It was now clear that their class monitor had been bribed to assemble them to create a gallery for Jiang Xue’s moment of glory.

Unhappy with the lack of attention directed at her, Jiang Xue tugged Xiang Cheng’s arm, stopping him before he could follow Shen Xi.
“Brother Xiang Cheng, since Xixi isn’t free, we should leave her be.
We can go and eat by ourselves.”

Xiang Cheng was dissatisfied with Shen Xi’s rejection and her crass attitude towards him.
Moreover, she had embarrassed him in front of so many people!

Previously, Shen Xi could be said to have had some financial standing to back her arrogance.
It was something Xiang Cheng could understand and accept.
However, times had changed, and she was now from a poor family.
Her arrogance was no longer something he could stomach, nor was it a humiliation he could abide by.

Perhaps, if viewed from another angle, Shen Xi’s personality was the same as it had always been.
Did it mean Shen Xi still liked him as before? Xiang Cheng was impressed with himself and his ability to process this information.

So… was Shen Xi’s arrogant and difficult-to-please demeanour a show of jealousy? Was Shen Xi jealous of him, Xiang Cheng?

Xiang Cheng, who arrived at this conclusion, instantly perked up.
He pushed Jiang Xue aside and caught Shen Xi by her arm.

“Xiang Cheng, there are so many people watching.
Please show some modicum of decency!” Shen Xi hissed as she shook free from Xiang Cheng’s grasp.

Xiang Cheng shot their onlookers a warning look.
Heads bowed almost immediately, and the crowd dispersed, scattering for the campus tour in twos and threes.
It was said that there would be a campus fair today.

A single glare from Xiang Cheng ruined the group tour the class had agreed on.

Xiang Cheng watched the crowd disperse with satisfaction and then said shamelessly, “Now that there’s no one, don’t we still need to be so decent?”

Shen Xi glanced at Jiang Xue with a sneer and mouthed sarcastically, “Jiang Xue, didn’t you say that Xiang Cheng was pursuing you? What? Will you stand there and watch as your boyfriend tries to make out with me?”

Jiang Xue felt like she had received a tight slap to her face, causing it to swell and burn bright red.

“Brother Xiang Cheng, let me take you to visit our campus.
There are plenty of outstanding exhibitions in the school today.” Jiang Xue had to physically force herself to step forward and pull Xiang Cheng away.

Unfortunately, Xiang Cheng was not interested and pried her hand off of him.
“I’m not interested.
You can go see them yourself.”

Xiang Cheng knew which one to choose between Shen Xi and Jiang Xue.
Shen Xi’s looks were far better than Jiang Xue’s; even her temperament was one he enjoyed contending.
Between a girl who listened to his every word, he much preferred one who fought and resisted his control at every step.
Someone like Shen Xi was thus more attractive to him than Jiang Xue.

Xiang Cheng shamelessly continued his advances and tried grabbing hold of Shen Xi again.
Guan Lei, who had been watching the spectacle, could not stand it any longer and gripped Xiang Cheng’s arm in a vice, stopping him.

Guan Lei’s eyes turned sharp, and Xiang Cheng howled in pain, “Brat, let go of me, or else… Ah!”

Shen Xi turned to look at Xiang Cheng, who was crying like a ghost and howling like a wolf.
Although she thought Xiang Cheng reaped what he sowed, deserving every ounce of pain inflicted upon him, she could not help but worry for Guan Lei.
After all, Xiang Cheng was the heir of the Xiang Corporation.

Guan Lei shook Xiang Cheng’s hand fiercely like a dog chewing on its toy, causing Xiang Cheng to stagger backwards.
Xiang Cheng’s wrist was red and bruised in the short exchange, a testament to Guan Lei’s strength.

“Stinky Brat, do you know who I am? Do you dare touch me? You’re courting death!” Xiang Cheng gritted his teeth angrily and shouted at Guan Lei.

Guan Lei coldly snorted.
“You’re just an empty-headed idiot.
Why would I not dare to touch you?”

“You!” This was his first time being provoked by someone outside the Young Master of the Guan family.

However, Xiang Cheng was aware of the disparity in their strength.
He could only have someone teach the ungrateful brat a lesson and not do it himself.

The scene made Shen Xi laugh heartily in her heart.
It pleased her that someone shared her thoughts regarding Xiang Cheng as an empty-headed idiot.
As the saying goes, great minds think alike.
This instance was one example.

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