100 Added as Friend

In the nick of time, Shen Xi quickly pulled the old man back.

Jiang Xue’s kick missed.
She fell to the ground and let out a scream.
She fell with her face covered in dust.

Zhao Yuan burst out laughing.

Jiang Xue was extremely angry.
She looked at Shen Xi and said fiercely, “Shen Xi, are you going against me today?”

Shen Xi shot a cold glance at Zhao Yuan on the ground and said sarcastically, “Haven’t we always been against each other? Isn’t it funny that you’re asking this?”

Jiang Xue was immediately stunned by Shen Xi’s words.
She had indeed been on bad terms with Shen Xi.
She had always wanted Shen Xi to get out of Zhuo Ying High School.
Indeed, they had been against each other all this while.

Shen Xi couldn’t be bothered with Jiang Xue.
There were many disputes between her and Jiang Xue.
They would definitely be in a life-and-death situation.
She wasn’t afraid of any more conflicts.

Shen Xi looked at the people not far away and said to Jiang Xue with a faint smile, “Someone is coming over.
You’d better get up quickly.
Otherwise, you won’t be able to maintain your gentle image as the eldest daughter of the Jiang family.”

Jiang Xue turned her head in panic.
As expected, there were a few familiar faces walking over.
She immediately got up from the ground and tidied up her clothes.

Shen Xi looked at Lu De and said, “Grandpa, come with us.
We are going to the school gate too.”

Lu De exclaimed happily.
It felt really good to have his granddaughter backing him up.

Jiang Xue watched angrily as Shen Xi left with the cleaner.
Then, she turned around and ran in the direction of the dormitory.
She had to quickly change her clothes before going to the school gate to meet Xiang Cheng.

Lu De cheerfully followed behind Shen Xi.
Along the way, he kept asking Shen Xi questions like he was investigating her.

He flooded her with questions about Lu Shan, her favourite food, how was Shen Xi’s mother doing, and whether her father treated them well…

Zhao Yuan went speechless.
She gave Shen Xi a look and whispered to ask if Shen Xi knew this old man.

Shen Xi shook her head gloomily.
She thought that the old man was a little chatty.
Perhaps, it was because they had helped this old man just now.

The three of them soon arrived at the school gate.
Shen Xi pointed in the direction of the school gate and said, “Grandpa, you can just go out from here.
That’s the main gate.”

Lu De looked at the school gate that was just a short distance away.
His heart was filled with reluctance.
Why was this path so short? He only had a few words with her before he had to bid farewell to his precious granddaughter.

Lu De looked at Shen Xi with a melancholic expression and asked, “Little girl, can we add each other as friends?”

Lu De’s request frightened Shen Xi and Zhao Yuan.
The two of them looked at each other in shock.
Could this old man be some kind of pervert?

Shen Xi hesitated and said, “Erm…”

Lu De saw Shen Xi’s expression and recalled what Secretary Zhao said.
He could not scare the little girl.
After all, he was just a stranger to Shen Xi.
Anyone would be on guard if a stranger acted so close to an eighteen-year-old girl out of nowhere.

Lu De hurriedly explained, “Don’t misunderstand.
It’s just that you’re the same age as my granddaughter.
So, I thought of my granddaughter.
She left to somewhere far away with her mother.
I couldn’t reach her, so I thought of adding you as a friend.
Just take it as me reminiscing my granddaughter.”

Shen Xi was slightly startled.
Somewhere far away? He couldn’t reach her? Could it be that the old man’s granddaughter had passed away?

At this moment, Lu De’s expression was desolate and sad.
The sense of decadence made Shen Xi feel a little upset.

Shen Xi immediately took out her phone and handed it to Lu De.
She said gently, “Grandpa, you can add me.”

Lu De happily turned on his phone.
In order to avoid being found, he had deliberately turned off his phone so that he would not get disturbed.
When he turned on his phone, it was full of missed calls.

Lu De ignored those calls and opened the app to add Shen Xi as a friend.
Then, he held his phone in his hands as if he had gotten a treasure.
He asked Shen Xi, “Can I save your name as Xi?”

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