99 Grandpa Cleaner

Lu De’s eyes lit up when he saw Shen Xi not far away.
He completely ignored Jiang Xue who was going crazy.
He then ran in the direction of Shen Xi and Zhao Yuan.

Zhao Hui had secretly sent someone to take many photos of Shen Xi.
Lu De had been watching them every day.
So, he could recognize the adorable girl in the school uniform, his granddaughter at one glance.

“Little girl, I just came to work today and got lost.
I don’t know get out from school to have my meal.
Can you show me around?” Lu De stopped in front of Shen Xi and said the lines he had prepared.

At this moment, Lu De looked excitedly at Shen Xi, whom he had just met for the first time.
He was overwhelmed with emotions.
It was his granddaughter, the child his daughter gave birth to, the continuation of his bloodline.
These thoughts lingered in his mind.
His usually irritable eyes were gentle at this moment.
His face was full of kindness.

Zhao Hui reminded him not to be too abrupt during their first meeting.
Lu De tried his best to suppress his emotions and make his actions as natural as possible.

Shen Xi looked at the old man in front of her.
He looked relatively healthy despite his gray hair.
He had a determined and overbearing aura on his face.
There was an indescribable sense of love in the old man’s eyes when he looked at her.
Shen Xi felt that he looked a little familiar as if she had seen him somewhere before.

Zhao Yuan wondered why Shen Xi stood still with no actions.
She went forward and said, “Grandpa, we are just about to gather at the school gate.
You can come with us.”

Lu De immediately nodded.
That was exactly what he wanted.
However, he fixed his eyes on Shen Xi.
It made Shen Xi feel that this old man was a bit strange.

Before the three of them could leave, Lu De suddenly stumbled to the side.
Fortunately, Shen Xi held on to him.
Otherwise, Lu De would have fallen this time.

After that, Shen Xi turned over and glared at the culprit.
She asked, “Jiang Xue, what are you doing?”

Lu De was pushed down by Jiang Xue who had rushed over in a huff.

Jiang Xue’s anger had yet to dissipate from the earlier incident.
The person who had hit her ran away without even apologizing.

The poor cleaner simply did not respect her.
She got even angrier.
If she did not teach this cleaner a lesson, she would not be able to calm down.

“What am I doing? This cleaner bumped into me and made my expensive clothes dirty.
What do you think I’m doing? Shen Xi, please mind your own business!” Jiang Xue said arrogantly.
In any case, there was nobody else here.
She had been enemies with Shen Xi and Zhao Yuan anyway.
She didn’t need to hold it in and pretend to be nice.

Shen Xi snorted coldly, “You bumped into this old man at the corner.
Why didn’t you say that it’s your fault that you were running too fast?”

Zhao Yuan continued, “Yes.
How are you sure that you weren’t at fault? It’s hard to tell.
Jiang Xue, don’t make things difficult for the old man here.”

Jiang Xue said arrogantly, “It’s definitely his fault.
Who am I? I’m a student who spent a lot of money to study at Zhuo Ying High School.
I’m a client.
He’s just a cleaner hired by the school.
He’s a servant.
How could a client be at fault? So it’s definitely his fault.
He has to apologize and compensate me.”

Shen Xi went speechless after hearing Jiang Xue’s logic.
She mocked, “The cleaner has his labor contract signed with the school.
His duty is to maintain the campus environment, but he is not responsible for serving you.
What, is the Jiang family bankrupt? Don’t you have the money to hire servants?”

Lu De did not expect that his first meeting with his granddaughter would cause Shen Xi to have a conflict with her classmate.

Lu De was afraid that Shen Xi would not get along well with her classmate.
For the first time, Lu De apologized to a teenage girl in a soft voice, “Little girl, I was too anxious just now.
Can I say sorry to you now? Don’t make things difficult for Shen Xi.”

Lu De’s words made Jiang Xue extremely uncomfortable, as if she was making trouble without reason.

“Old thing, do you have the right to speak here? Why don’t you take a look at yourself?” Jiang Xue said fiercely.
Jiang Xue raised her leg and was about to kick Lu De.

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