Learning from Mama Lin

Shen Xi only glanced at the dozens of missed calls on her phone.
Then, she turned her eyes away and took out a hair dryer to dry her hair.

At this moment, Mama Lin came up with a band-aid with a plate of fruit in her hand.

“The wound on my face needs to be properly treated.
I would disinfect it and put on a band aid, but we don’t have iodophor at home.” Mama Lin tore the band-aid open and was about to put it on Shen Xi’s forehead.

Shen Xi turned sideways to avoid Mama Lin’s hand and caressed the wound as she said, “Mama Lin, I need iodophor to disinfect it first.
Can you also get some anti-inflammatory medicine? It looks like the wound is inflamed.”

Mama Lin was stunned.
It was already past eleven at night, and the shops nearby had already closed.

It was even darker outside, and it even seemed like it was about to rain.
June was a very rainy month.

Why was Shen Xi suddenly so insensible and inconsiderate today? Where would she even be able to get iodophor and anti-inflammatory medicine at this time?

Oh, right, she could call an errand boy.

As if she knew what Mama Lin was thinking, Shen Xi immediately said, “Didn’t you say yesterday that your family sent over some home-made wholegrain biscuits? Mama Lin, I want to eat them.”

Mama Lin was stunned.
When she asked Shen Xi if she wanted any yesterday, she said that she didn’t want them.
Therefore, she kept the biscuits in a studio apartment that she had bought quite far from here.

Usually, when she went out to buy vegetables or when she was resting, she would go over there.

“Do you want to eat it now?” Mama Lin asked carefully, hoping to get a negative answer.

“Yes, yes, I want to eat it now.” Shen Xi pursed her lips, looking like a greedy kitten.
She didn’t look like she was playing a prank.
She was very clear.
She wanted Mama Lin to go and get the home-made wholegrain biscuits right now.

Mama Lin frowned, but then she remembered that this job with such a high salary was hard to come by.
She immediately stood up and smiled fawningly.
Even the wrinkles at the ends of her eyes were piled up layer by layer.

“I left the biscuits at my brother’s house.
It’s quite a distance away, so I will be back quite late.
But since you want to eat it, I’ll go and get it right now.”

As Mama Lin said this, she thought that Shen Xi would be heartbroken when she heard that she would have to go very far to get the biscuits, and then say that there was no need to go.
In the end, she was disappointed.

Shen Xi, who was usually the most considerate person, seemed to not understand at this moment.
She sat quietly in front of the mirror and looked at Mama Lin with a smile.

Seeing this, Mama Lin could only resign herself to fate and turn around to leave.

Shen Xi looked at the departing figure, and her smile suddenly disappeared.

In her previous life, she respected Mama Lin very much.
She loved her like how she loved her grandmother.
After all, she had watched her grow up, therefore, she naturally would not be so mean and ask Mama Lin to go out and buy things for her in the middle of the night.

However, after knowing her true colors, she could not care less.
She did not care about what Mama Lin would think of her.
She was only going to be in this house for a few more days.
Naturally, she had to avenge herself.

As for Mama Lin’s brother’s house that she had mentioned, it was clearly her house.
For so many years, Mama Lin had been greedy for a lot of good things in the Jiang family.

In her previous life, Shen Xi often lost things.
At that time, she thought that she had forgotten where she put them.
Later, she found out that Mama Lin had stolen them and sold them.
She used the money to buy her house.

When Xia Chun found that the things in the house were inexplicably missing, Mama Lin put the expensive accessories that she could not bring out in time in the basement.

She lied and said that she couldn’t bear to see Shen Xi being locked up all the time, so she let Shen Xi out for a walk.
She didn’t expect Shen Xi to steal things and planned to sell them and escape.

At that time, Xia Chun was already extremely disgusted with Shen Xi.
She didn’t listen to Shen Xi’s explanation and chose to believed Mama Lin without hesitation.

Thus, Shen Xi, was forcibly convicted of theft.

Thinking of this, Shen Xi looked at herself in the mirror and her lips curled into a smile.
In her previous life, she was stupid.
She was ready to get revenge in this life.

She turned her head and looked out of the window.
After a while, a stong wind carried raindrops and violently hit the floor-to-ceiling window.
Just like in her previous life, it was raining at this time.
This was also why she insisted that Mama Lin go out at this time.

It was not time for her to settle the score yet, so she could only antagonize the Jiang family with small matters.

She locked her door and put on earplugs.
Shen Xi fell on the bed and fell asleep peacefully.

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