Devil From Hell

In Rong City, which was located in the southern boundary, it was snowing.

The strong wind carried ice and snow, whistling through the gloomy cemetery, leaving a bone-piercing pain on Shen Xi’s face like an ice blade.

She knelt in the cemetery, clutching the suicide note that her mother had secretly left in her hands.
Her back was straight and her expression was indifferent, but her eyes were full of hostility and hatred.

At this moment, in an art gallery in Rong City, there was a solo art exhibition by the daughter of the president of Kunlun Construction, an outstanding painter who had appeared out of nowhere in the past three years, Jiang Xue.

Jiang Lun, dressed in a formal suit, stood in front of the curtain, smiling as he looked at his daughter who was giving a speech on the stage.

Jiang Xue was dressed in a high-fitting gown.
She stood in the middle of the stage and calmly gave a speech with a microphone in her hand.

“Dear leaders, dear guests, hello! I feel very honored to have so many people come to my art exhibition today.
I would like to thank the leaders, guests, and my colleagues who have come to attend the opening ceremony of my art exhibition…”

Jiang Xue’s graceful manner and polite words won a round of applause from the guests.

Xia Chun listened to the praises of her daughter from the crowd.
She was amazed and felt very proud.
Her face was full of pride and her eyes were full of love.
She was truly the real daughter of the Jiang family.

“I’ve always heard that the Jiang couple doted on their daughter.
Seems like it is true.
They must love her so much to be able to hold such a grand solo art exhibition for her.”

“If I had such an outstanding daughter, I would be happy to flaunt her around like this too.
It’s a pity that I don’t.
Sigh! It’s infuriating.”

“I heard that she’s the last disciple of the famous painter of Rong City, Xiang Lao!”

“That means that she must really be something.”

“Of course she is.
If it was that fake from before, the Jiang couple would be so embarrassed by now.”

“What fake?”

“Don’t you know? Apparently, there was a switch up at the hospital.
Their previous daughter wasn’t their real daughter.
However, the Jiang couple was kind-hearted, so they kept her and raised her as their own daughter.
However, she was never grateful.
She kept comparing herself with Miss Jiang and was even jealous of her.
When the family couldn’t take it anymore, she was sent back to her biological parents.
When she heard that she was going to be returned to her biological parents and would have to live a hard life, she drove her car into her biological father and killed him.
She’s currently in jail!”

“Ah? Really?”

“Why would I lie to you? Their whole family is messed up.
I heard that her father was an alcoholic, her mother was a gambler, and now the daughter is a criminal.
As expected, dragons give birth to dragons and phoenixes give birth to phoenixes.”

“Yes, she was greedy for wealth and wanted to live a wealthy life in the Jiang family.
She ran over her father who brought her home and killed him.
Her own mother was also implicated and was knocked into a vegetative state.
Miss Jiang was very kind-hearted.
She took care of her adoptive mother for four years and used her own money to pay for her treatments.
However, I heard that she couldn’t hold on a year ago and died.”

“How can there be such a heartless and vicious person!”

As they were discussing, the crowd in front suddenly split into two.
The people who were discussing in private looked towards the door.

A white-haired old man and a handsome man appeared at the door.

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