lted and gargled inside.

Soon however, my injuries began burning. Every spot from the front to the back. I was then released from my position and put on a chair. He wiped my face with a leather parchment and my control gradually came back.

First, I moved a finger. Then two and then my hand. I rolled my wrists before slowly my whole body began to stabilize.

The old man began to talk, though it looked like he was silently mouthing as all I heard was a muffled stream of sentences.

Slowly my ears stopped ringing and my earbuds tuned in.

”Thank god you did that attack, the smoke allowed me to get to you kids in time… ”

”Thats why I wanted to thank you for saving my students life more than once… ”

”Maybe we can stay for a bit longer. ”

He showed a gracious smile with closed eyes, revealing pearly white teeth.

I smiled back lightly.

”Its nothing. ”

I looked at the girl who hid behind her master.

”Thanks. ”

Good. I got my word in. Now it was time to train.

I can remain weak if Im meant to be a genius. I can be a genius if I remain weak.

”Thanks. ”

I heard it as the door shut behind me lightly.

I smiled a little I must confess.

I just wondered. Things hadn been so bad. Rather out of place. I sat down outside the cottage. Looked at the smoke that fumed out the chimney and smiled. To myself, my life and my oppurtnites. Maybe even a bit towards my genius.

I wanted to swallow these emotions and grow them. I wanted to be happier. I wanted to just relax now. And not have a care in the world.

I lay down and let myself fall to the stress.

I felt everything die down. Before it all came back.

Odd. What was happen-.


I was choked.

My head was raised forcefully as my air streams were blocked off. Crushed together. I looked down. There was nothing there.

I felt the air in my lungs slowly disperse as my crushed neck was gripped even harder.

I held onto the thing that was gripping my kneck. My legs flailed and kicked wildly at the floor.

I looked down with seething eyes. I was angry. Why was this happening?

I was seconds from death. Rage turned to despair.Sadness. Sorrow.

I don want to die.

My once happy emotions had almost trembled and shook before they were replaced. Wait. Were my emotions being manipulated?

Well. It didn matter now.

I was dead.

”Haa. Haa. Haa. Hauhg. ”

I coughed and spluttered, my knees on the wooden tiles and my hands holding onto the railing.

My eyes were bulging and my throat was starting to inflate back to its usual position.

My hands were shaking and my emotions kept changing, against my will and control.

I caressed my neck and held my lungs. As the air returned and my emotions stabilized, my mind finally voiced itself.


I was a second from death.

If whatever just attacked me managed to last one more second. I wouldve died.

The emotions I felt as I was assaulted. It wasn my emotions.

It was its.

I felt a desperate charge for victory, a seething revenge and insanities pleasure in my last moments.

I looked to my right.

Its you.

I don know what I saw. Because I saw nothing.

But I felt like I met eyes with something. A monster or creature. It was invisible, just like the ravine creature. It was.

The ravine creature.

And it was trying to kill me.

I didn dare touch it. And it didn dare touch me.

Not whilst I was on guard and already preparing world-energy stores around us.

We had an invisible showdown. And I had an invisible crisis.

”Hello. ”

The girl looked at me as I walked back in, rabidly panting and still caressing my neck.

”Are you oka-. ”

I blacked out.

Her worried face was what I saw.

And behind it were two eyes.

Two invisible eyes. Staring me down, hunting me. Preparing me. For my seemingly inevitable demise.

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