y mind was in. I used the sword that had been lingering in my right hand and tried to stick it in a gap. Unfortunately no gaps were found. Only disappointment and desperation.

Soon I managed to blast off the wall onto the opposing wall, my attempt to go up failed as the world energy soon lost contact. I made do with the little I could sustain.

6 steps I calculated.

I could go 6 steps before my body could no longer command or sustain any more world energy.

1 step. I managed to make some distance, I landed on the opposing wall praying to not land on a sharp surface or apparatus.

2 steps. I jumped back, my foot weeped in pain but no major damage.

3 steps. I scraped my arm on a nasty edge. Blood has already begun to fall over my eyes. Weakening my already poor vision.

4 steps. Nothing goes wrong but my state is already so poor that there wouldn be much of a difference if something did go wrong.

5 steps. I blast off downward, hoping to make up for the distance I sacrificed to avoid any pain.

6th step. There was no 6th step. Only pain.

A world of pain.

I smelt blood. And I saw a disgusting sight of raw flesh laying within my arm in a small crevice where light had fallen.

My legs had several scrapes, my legs threatened to give in from the smallest movement. Forget running, I could barely stand.

My right arm was in bad shape but my left arm was more or less in good condition.

Stinging continued and spread throughout my body, as time passed more and more pain spots were revealed. My bones felt as if they were being constantly tightened and the spot above my knee had been bloodied, causing me to have one knee soaked red. Not a nice red, a bad paint job kind of red.

As I stopped reviewing my unnatural state I saw a figure across from me. Innocently staring at her armour and brushing dust off her shoulders.

She was unharmed. Her wind magic made it so that she could easily get down without any issues. There are two types of genius.

And it was night and day from even my blood-soaked vision.

She went over to me as soon as she noticed but before her mouth could utter a single word I bombarded her.

”You idiot. ” My words were laced with poison and contempt.

”Why do you need a pendulum so much? You pretty much killed us both,put us in a monsters den and now you
e still completely fine. Me on the other hand? Ill be the first to die because of y-y-your absolutely crazy behaviour and don- ”

I stopped myself as I heard my rabid pants. The world broke down and her face made me look at my blood soaked hands. What was I doing? I held the two sides of me together as I swallowed repeatedly. Clearing my mind.

She was just a child. And a scared one at that. I held back the angry juvenile from my past and looked away. I wouldn apologise, but I wouldn seek violence.

I walked away but not too far, still barely visible in the dark abyss that was this ravine.

”Th-thanks. ” I heard that quiet, no longer elegant but now regretful voice. It didn pierce through the darkness but drifted along it. It resounded in my mind for a while.

I didn answer. Afraid it would grow into a bonfire of rage and frustration that was building up within me.

I merely lay down and shut my eyes. Not to sleep obviously.

I needed to rest. If I got a good enough rest my body might be capable of one more World Energy pulse.

A vibration travelled through the cave.

It knew.

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