ord rattled as the two metal forces clashed. Hers was clearly of a higher quality I thought in my mind with the small space that remained.

I sent world energy down and imploded it on myself to make some distance. My mind was still in fleeting thoughts. The impact hurt my stomach yet that was the least of my worries.

As I saw her begin to move again I decided to put world energy in my soles.

She charged.

But I was already gone. With but a command I made it implode, sending me towards her at a frightening speed.

Instantly, in a burst of milliseconds I was behind her.


In Front of her.


Above her.


Trails were left from the power of the world-energy as I swung my sword in timed swings.

Each trade-off formed emerging purples on my hands. Pain rippled through my body and my bones creaked yet I kept going. Her reactions were immaculate. Blocking my sword from every angle. My poor form only helped her blocks.

Damnit. I swore as I used the last part of lingering world energy in my soles to make some distance.

I only had one more trick up my sleeve. If I used it wrong I would lose.

I tried to summon world-energy before her to attack from a distance yet she had already disappeared from the position and prediction each time leaving a useless blast of air that lowered my concerning energy stores all the more.

It was clear to me she was physically aided, potentially by wind magic of some sort.

I put world energy directly in front of me.

She appeared like a white-eyed demon yet my instincts triggered an instinctual reaction.



Her entire figure was blasted backwards by the world energy, carried before her back hit a tree. By now, my body was with all sorts of injuries due to my dangerous overuse of world-energy commandment.

I probably had one or two more uses of it before I became immobile and unable to continue battling.

I began connecting my hands as her figure rose through the wood shrapnel that stuck in slightly to parts of her armour. I watched as the strands began to rush together due to the partaking of world-energy.

She struck a pose on the tree, it reminded me of a swimmer taking off. Yet this time she flew through the air.


A small air trail was visible from where she accelerated.

My shock-blast was only 4 seconds in. If I moved, the world-energy wouldn be able to speed up the creation.

I cursed with the little time I had left.

But I was a genius.

I didn win a battle with my decisions. I won it with my genius.

Before I knew it, world energy had built up behind me, incenting me to blast forward. The world energy in my hands began to slowly move around, guiding me with the decision so that it would follow me to the end.

I looked blankly before making a decision firmly.


I found myself 3 feet in front of her demonic like eyes and 1 feet below her slowly descending feet. She would surely end this battle if her sword made anything near contact. My knees skidded across the floor. I mustve looked pretty badass. My ears glowed with a vermillion red as my hands aimed at the target.

But her face was dumbfounded and shocked as she saw the ball of crazed madness in my hands, just completed.

I smirked.

I win.

And I issued a command with the last of my fleeting physical strength.

Blast forward.

I aimed the ball of innumerous dancing strands to blast through my enemy.

And that it did.


A long, uncomfortable sound like nails on metals reached my ears.

I looked as sparks flew.

My attacker had met with an ornament, a necklace of some kind. It had taken out the necklace yet her quick reaction during the aftermath caused my attack to be dispersed by a long swing. The swing battled my attack for around a second before crushing through it. Possibly due to the quality of the blade I thought in spite.

My body could no longer move to dodge fast enough and her blade lay at my neck.

The moment died down.

I knew she had not thought anything of the past few moments. She looked like instincts had driven her to the result as well. We both panted as a light clapping sound broke out behind us. Geniuses that relied on their genius. That was what we were. She mustve had a similar line of thought as we met eyes.

”You shouldve won. ”

She muttered in between breaths.


Her mentor shouted as he waved in delight. Still clapping joyously.

Wow. If only my mentor was so enthusiastic and taught me as much as hers clearly did. Her armour also seems to be a gift as he fixed all the pierced spots with one genius magic spell.

I pretended not to hear as I met the gaze of my ruthless guardian.

”Even if an unexpected event is to happen, you will be guided. Genius. ”

I walked away in contempt. At my teacher, at the match and at the laughing mentor.

My gritted teeth and limped legs struggled yet I found myself by the ravine.

And in a dangerous state of mind.

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