could reach the smallest crevices of the cavern.

I slammed my small hand onto the wolfs back yet received no result. In a state of numbness I sprinted left, against the pulling of my shirt and turned to look at the wolf.

Time, I need time.

”Garh. ”

A groan was let out my tightly clenched teeth as the wolf took another bite for itself.

Blood spilt on the ground.

I thought of the sensation from when my Guardian used the technique.

The air around me moved in a curve. It was controlled yet basic somehow.

Wait, no. I had to think deeper. Something else was moving. I felt it like a disappearing itch.

I watched as the wolfs head dove in and out tearing flesh off left and right.

I stared into the palpitating darkness and looked for something.Anything.Everything.

”Come… ”

My head screamed for me to stop.

”Over.. ”

My system warned me, my body began rejecting itself as I felt muscles tear and a huge stitch rise.

”HERE. ”

Like a fourth wall had been broken, air came crashing in an uncontrollable barely definable mess. Air and something else. I used my broken body and partially splintered mind to push this undefinable mess behind me.

The wolf still attached to me did not mind.

I clenched the wolf tightly in my arms. Swearing to not let go. Screaming from my body and mind tried to stop me but I assured myself from another mind.

Making sure every last part of this energy was behind me. I readied my mind and body. I looked at the wolf one last time before I uttered but any words I could think of.

”For-ward. Fast. Now. ”


A large blast of air propelled me forwards with extreme force,doing almost as much damage to me as it did to the wolf. Rubble fell and a light smoke rose as I felt the wolfs body hit the wall. The undefinable energy slowly disappeared from my feet.

”G-grow-l. ”

I shivered as my broken body uncontrollably trembled.

I could see the downed wolf begin to regain its temperament.

Before it could even wag an ear my fists had already begun raining.

The wolf scratched,kicked and even tried to bite but I kept going.

Effort does not always correlate to results.

My fists carried no power and therefore no threat to the wolf.

”Do something.Anything.ANYTHING. ”

I pleaded. I screamed. I shouted.

But received no answer like before.

So I stared into the palpitating darkness. I grasped its location. I stared at it hard. I pulled out closer to me. I tried to position it right behind my hand. The wolf jolted suddenly to my surprise and rose like a killer whale going for the kill.

Not today.

”Now. ”

The hard sense of bone meeting bone met and the awkward sound of cracking resonated in my ears. Yet the mysterious energy did not stop, propelling my bloodied,broken and pale fist further into the wolfs swollen jaw. The wolf attempted to bite yet its teeth were already hanging by threads. The gruesome site put a sticky lump in my throat yet I continued my assault. It was only when I noticed that blood had leaked from the wolfs mouth that I stopped.

Just like before.

My emotions had led the way. I could only see a lousy result now.

My panting finally reached my ears. Along with a world of pain.

It would seem that the wolf had suffocated,drowned whatever the associated words were in this situation. Its eyes had rolled over white and a small part of its skin had been torn so that it hung by a small parchment.

I tore off the small part and reached the entrance of the cave.

Luckily, my mind was still hazy and in the moment or I don know if I would have resisted fainting right then and there.

I took a step outside the cave and met his golden eyes.

In triumph, I lifted the parchment of wolf skin I had torn off as I raised it in a clenched fist. My bloodied face and long red hair stood solemn in the wind.

Somewhat angrily I managed to make a croaky and hoarse shout. The high-pitched childness was still present unfortunately, somewhat dimming my glorious moment.

”Genius enough for you? ”

And as I stood there looking in frustration and as a broken mess, he chuckled not lightly but almost forced by himself.

”It can be considered a pass. ”

And as I turned my back on our return trip, I felt an insatiable feeling of rage mixed with unforgotten colds caress my back in forceful impacts.

I stared back to find my guardian merely looking at me in annoying sweats. What am I doing now? Shouldve been his line of thought.

I continued talking to myself to cleanse my boredom.

Meanwhile, the guardians hands were still sweaty and cold. His eyes kept their reminiscent gold and his hair shook slightly in the wind.

He seemed to be at a constant war deep within himself. One second away from doing something he would love and regret. Be freed yet at a cost. A cost that only part of him had the sanity to drag the rest of him back as to not have to pay it.

No matter the cost.

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