ld up. This build up continues on and on before it reaches the limit and seething pain breaches my eyes. I open in pants yet the worst is soon to come.

My eyes bulge red as red lightning crackles out of each eye.

The odd man who seemed to be my guardian only got even more frustrated and stoik when my common outbreaks began. The most he offered was an orange-bamboo stick that I was told to chew.

About the Common Language, I have been hiding my expertise.

If this man hates me for getting injured, what would he do if he finds out I was a supernatural freak?

I shivered when I imagined his reaction to such a situation.

I often saw his thumb twitching on the knife at the table.

And I think I am now more than certain.

This is reincarnation.

Past Memories: Yes

New World: Yes

New Body: Yes

Speaking of my New body.

I ought to be around half a year to a year old. My hair is somewhat grown so I can be newborn and my guardian isn exactly a father figure.

This World also seems to be quite underdeveloped.

My guardian often brings out an odd lamp with a low intensity light emitter inside. It hardly works and is quite amusing yet it seems to be a common thing here. There is also no electricity, hardware or even light bulbs.

My guardian, coming back to him, is arguably in his late 40s.

He had no greys in his hair however wrinkled lines have begun solidifying as I look closer at his face.

Not for too long of course, in fear we may meet eyes.

I don even know the time period now that I think about it. Maybe this is just a barren place as well. With low development. But I wouldn think a world with magic would be a low development world?

I most definitely don dislike this reincarnation twist, however living with a man who often gives concerning death-stares on the daily does not reassure me of my survival in the long term.

2 Years passed.

I have now gained the ability to walk.

I can now slowly reveal my language skills.

I can even now reveal my understanding of things slowly and carefully.

My relationship with my guardian has loosely improved. He will often ask me to move to another room or to do a task but I am content as it would seem we are not related by even the slightest.

And the truth is, I don want to wake up in a field again.

Recently, the room with the biggest door has been looking pretty tempting.

I can often see numerous books inside. Books of possibly forbidden knowledge?

Temptation washed over me like a wave.

I waited for the Guardian to do his common routine of leaving the wooden cottage that was our house before I began my quest.


I heard the door begin to shut.

I ran with tensions high.

”Boy. ”

I stopped.

I turned back slowly, red creeping up on me like an incredibly fast infection.

”Remember to charge the rune. ”

I nodded slowly as I looked down at the floor in silence.


I rushed to the door.

My hand couldn reach the knob, prepared for this I brought a stall hid behind a nearby table and jumped.


Feeling the smooth texture of the circular knob I twisted as my arms began to ache.

The Door opened.

I snatched the first book on the first shelf on the first level.

I flipped the page looking for any sign of magical activity.

My curiosity led me by the nose.

I swiftly ducked under a desk as I saw my guardian through the window.

He passed calmly.

Sighing in relief I went to the chapter log.

Where, Where, Where-.


I smiled in satisfaction.

There it is.


I flipped the pages before I reached the sacred 23.

Scrolling down I looked for any words that stood out and found a phrase.

”Unheaving fire, become a blazing sphere and impair my enemies. ”

I grinned widely as I held out my hand in anticipation.

I can feel it.

I can feel something com-


Too much pain.

Hot,Seething and cackling pain filled my eyes. Large lightning strands danced uncontrollably and angrily within the small study. My hands grasped my eye in desperation yet only received harsh burns. I shook and twitched on the floor as red filled my vision.

A door swung open and my vision blacked. I saw glimpses of my guardian through the constantly shifting red mirage.

”You are incapable of learning magic, Child. ”

The mans face darkened.

”Normal magic, that is. ”

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