me and a covered yellow above. I flailed my arms before my legs slowly made progress.

I reached the surface, my pants hoarse and coarse. I held in my desire to cough due to my situation. My energy was at a medium as I held my head above the water level.

This crazy bastard.

I couldn even curse him anymore as I felt a mysterious force lift me up.

About time. I met his eyes, only to notice he was just looking at me blandly and as if this was a zoo.


What the hell? I can even swim.

I tried to speak to him, but keeping my head afloat proved too great a challenge when combined with speech.

”You… Don you thin-… What if I catch hypothermia?? ”

He finally lifted me up in the air.

”Hippothermia? Whats that? ”

He asked in genuine curiosity. I looked at his old staff and raised eyebrows in frustration. This world didn know of hypothermia?? God I felt irritated. I was tomato red and in beetroot rage.

”This- water is pretty cold you know. ”

He gave me a -so?- look.

”Maybe theres a better way of teach-. ”


No progress was being made.

My arms flailed so I oponend up a second thinking space.

First, I gathered world energy around me.

I then put some right next to me.


I commanded it, throwing my dripping hand forward.

Become stone. I tried grasping this invisible energy. God I looked like a clown.

Alright, so that didn work.

Become compact.

I heard an invisible or rather felt an invisible tightening. I tried to caress this particular store of world-energy with my hand. It would pack a nasty blast, but that wasn the goal as of now.

My hands dipped up and down, to put some stress and pressure off my tiring legs.

I looked at the patch of world energy.

Don move.

I slapped my hand down hard on it.


The sound of bubbles soaring rose as I felt my figure soar down to the bottom of the lake. A stream of bubbles lay diagonally from my descent. My eyes shut tight and I saw as the waters surface got further and further.

I swam as fast as I could, but my body and mind were exhausted.

I reached the top with a breath left.

A breath I never utilized.

An invisible hand covered my mouth.

It gripped from behind. I felt my skin being pulled back.

Desperately, I used some lingering energy stores and blasted the creature behind my back.

I shot 7 blasts, each leaving soaring streams of bubbles.

3 hit, the impact blasted the creature left and right, it clung to my back yet clearly was rational as it retreated from my mouth.

The situation surely looked odd to my teacher. My body had already begun to feel the aftermath and desperately using a lot of world energy.

I got out the pool, my hair soaked and down. My body dripping streams from several parts. My favorite clothes also drenched.

I met his condescending gaze with an annoyed side-glance.

He talked as I had already began to leave.

”Well aren you a genius, genius, genius. ”

I walked off in silence. And a light drizzle I assumed.

Why was nothing going right.

Aren I a genius? This isn fair. Im angry.

I need to go somewhere to cool off. Somewhere nice. Somewhere quiet.

Maybe the ravine.

Yes, that place is so refreshing and chilled. The temperature is just right and nobody will be there to see and intefere.


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