she wanted to live a good life.

“Why did your tone change?”

“Sister, I’m practicing Mandarin.” Qin Rou explained why her tone changed, “I want to take the radio station exam and become an announcer.”

It was a suitable way for Qin Rou.
An announcer was a good job in the era.
It was much more comfortable than the art troupe and the salary was also high.
It was a job that everyone envied.

Qin Rou studied in a normal school, and her major required a high level of Mandarin.
In addition, when she was studying and working, she had a lot of experience in broadcasting and hosting.
If she worked hard, she may be admitted to be the announcer of the era.

“Announcer? That’s good! Sister, you have such a nice voice, you will definitely pass the exam!” To be a popular announcer in the era was not easy, but her elder sister Qin Mian did not dampen her self-confidence, and encouraged her, “I think your Mandarin is getting better.”

The two sisters looked at each other and smiled.

“Qin Mian, your sister is here?” An old lady in blue walked in from the door.
As soon as she entered the room, she stared at Qin Rou from head to toe like she was staring at a piece of meat.

Seeing her, the smile on Qin Mian’s face faded.

The aunt said with a loud voice, “I told you earlier that I will introduce your sister to my eldest nephew.
Being with my eldest nephew is better than her being a stepmother, right?”

“It just so happens that your sister is here, so it’s better for her to go see my eldest nephew tomorrow!!”

It was He Chunfang who spoke, and the eldest nephew she was talking about was a well-known second-rate boy near the farm, who was very lazy.

“My sister can’t see your nephew, she has to go back quickly.”

He Chunfang rolled her eyes and deliberately humiliated, “With your family’s status, you still despise my eldest nephew? He is at least single, but your sister almost went to be someone’s stepmother, and was harassed by the old lady.
She was embarrassed and her reputation is stinking.
If you were someone else, would you introduce any good man to her?”

“Now we all know that she has a charming face and is willing to be a stepmother.
Yes, there are many divorced men in the army.
Is she going to marry an old man? In the old society, this is called filling a house.
Just looking at her face, everyone thinks she can be a concubine.”

Qin Mian picked up the broom and was about to beat her out, but He Chunfang angered her while hiding, “What I said is bad, but it’s the truth.
I’ve heard people from her art troupe say that most of the people who want to marry her are divorced old men.
It’s better to marry my eldest nephew.”

“Bah!” Qin Mian, who had always been gentle, trembled with anger.

“Sister, don’t listen to her nonsense.
My leader introduced the old chief’s son to meet me.
He is a young officer, in his twenties, and never married.”

Hearing her words, Qin Mian was stunned, “Really?”

“Really!” Qin Rou nodded, “His surname is Lu, he is a naval officer, young and promising, twenty-five years old, and would be promoted to the regiment chief of staff soon.”

She said something serious, and Qin Mian and He Chunfang were both stunned.

Qin Mian was pleasantly surprised that her sister’s leader introduced her to a young and promising target.

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