at home again, she was embarrassed, so she quickly picked up the broom and swept it.

Qin Rou went to help her clean up, and said, “I won an award in the show, and today the leader gave me a special day off.”

“My sister is awesome!” Qin Mian smiled.
She reached out and knocked out Qin Rou’s hand, “Why would you clean up? You take the children and sit there.
Juanjuan, you go pour a glass of water for your aunt.”

Chen Juanjuan was Qin Mian’s eldest daughter, seven years old, and next to her was her twin brother, Chen Jinghua.
The two children were very happy to see their aunt.

Because their aunt was there, there would be meat at home.

Qin Mian had no other relatives in Liao Province, just a sister.
Every time her sister came over, she always cooked something delicious to entertain her.

Qin Rou was also close to her sister.
She went to her sister’s house whenever she had a holiday.
The life of the Chen family was not very good.
She could only have good food for one or two days a month, so Qin Rou went to Chen’s house.
The days had become the days when her sister and brother-in-law improved their meals.

The well-established rule had long been grasped by the clever children.

Qin Rou drank the water poured by her little niece and took a bag of white rabbit toffee from her bag to give to the two children.

Chen Juanjuan took two candies, “I’ll go give one to my younger brother!”

Qin Mian glared at Qin Rou when she saw the candies, “Who asked you to spend money?”

“Sweets for the children, sister, you eat too,” Qin Rou peeled off the candy wrapper and fed the candy in her hand to Qin Mian’s mouth.

Qin Mian reluctantly ate the candy, and the sweet and milk fragrance in her mouth dissipated.
Although her life was bitter, she still felt a little sweet in her heart.

She quickened her movement and laughed at her, “Eating sugar, sweeping dung and smelling bad.”

“Where’s my brother-in-law?”

“In the house, taking care of my father-in-law,” Qin Mian lowered her eyes, not wanting to say anything more.

Qin Rou didn’t ask again.

Her sister Qin Mian married into an intellectual family.
Her brother-in-law Chen Mian was a teacher, and Qin Mian’s father-in-law was also a teacher at a university in Bincheng.

Qin Rou’s sister Qin Mian was from Chuanxiang.
Their father died very early, and her mother found another man to remarry.
At that time, Qin Rou was still young, and her mother only took Qin Rou, who was seven or eight years old with her.

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