ied, and his family is fine.
He’s the youngest son of  Old Commander Lu, who is in his twenties, but he just has a bad temper.
His family asked him to meet many girls on a blind date, but he refused all of them.”

“Do you know Xiao Ke, the nurse in the district hospital, the very beautiful one? She met him and cried for a long time when she got back.”

“He is very fierce.
Qin Rou, when you meet him, don’t run and cry.
That’s all,” Tang Rui smiled narrowly.

She felt that the meeting between Qin Rou and Lu Yan was the collision of two bullets.
Lu Yan’s temper was outrageous and Qin Rou was even more pungent.

– Could these two make it?

That was almost a fantasy! Unless the sun came from the west.

“Qin Rou, you are so beautiful, how can a man be fierce to you? He’s from a good family, so you can take good care of it!”  Hearing that, Luo Beibei smiled reluctantly.
She didn’t expect Lu Yan’s family conditions to be so good.
The youngest son of the old commander was still a single person, but he just had a bad temper, and was actually introduced to Qin Rou.

Qin Rou was just a little more beautiful.

Luo Beibei was jealous, but she was praising Qin Rou’s beauty against her will, and encouraged her to take good care of the good partner “Lu Yan”.

Hearing what Tang Ruibai said about Lu Yan, a reputable family son, who was notoriously thorny and did not eat hard or soft, (repulsive) how could Qin Rou eat such a hard bone?


The biggest possibility was that Qin Rou would think that he was from a good family as she wanted to climb high, and entangle with him.
The man would think of her as a vulgar and coquettish girl, and finally let them see jokes.

She had to encourage Qin Rou to chew on the hard bone.

“Well, I’ll take good care of it,” Qin Rou felt relieved after listening to them.

Lu Yan didn’t sound like a big problem.
He had a bad temper, didn’t know how to pity jade (girls)… 

Qin Rou thought, ‘I’m not his wife, so I don’t care if he has a good temper.
Do I have to care about his ignorance? I don’t live with him…’

It was just a blind date with him, and he was not a dragon pond, could he still eat her?

He was more likely forced to marry by his elders, so he acted that way.

Such a blind date was also good, at least he wouldn’t pester her.

Qin Rou nodded secretly: —— As long as I have the correct attitude, I could fool the leaders and onlookers.
It could also wash away Qin Rou’s bad reputation.

Qin Rou climbed into bed, hid the money and meat tickets, and then got out of bed, intending to wash the newly obtained enamel cup.

Holding the enamel cup, she was speechless: Such a big enamel cup.
Is it really just a cup and not a bowl?

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