“You’ll go to meet someone,” Director Sun took a sip of hot water and briefly explained the basic situation.

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Qin Rou: “?!!!!”

Director Sun meant… for her to go on a blind date?

That year, the organization also helped assign partners.

“His name is Lu Yan.
He is twenty-five years old, not much older than you, and has never been married.
He is currently studying at a naval academy in Bincheng.
He is about to be transferred to the regiment chief of staff.”

It was a cutscene, and in front of Qin Rou, she did not introduce Lu Yan’s family background in detail, for fear of further twists and turns.

Lu Yan was a child of a well known family, the youngest son of the now-retired old commander Lu, and he had several older brothers and sisters.
He was the youngest and smart, but he was the most naughty and bad-tempered since he was a child.
He didn’t get married, which broke the old chief’s heart.

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As a parent, he always felt that as long as his son got married, he would be mature and sensible, and the Lu parents were no exception.
Taking advantage of his son’s current studies in school, the old head pulled all connections and wanted to introduce him to someone.

In the beginning, Lu Yan was the candy that everyone competed for.
He looked good, had a good family background, and had a bright future.
However, in just three months, none of them agreed.

The source of the problem was Lu Yan himself.
He had a bad temper and was used to reprimanding superiors and subordinates.
He had little patience with women, and had no pity for them.

All in all, the last one didn’t work out.
After hearing about all Lu Yan’s blind date records from his old comrades, Old Lu slapped the table angrily, “How can he be angry?”

“He still wants to act cocky like the king of spades?!”

“I want to pick a daughter-in-law with a hot temper who will scold him to death!!”

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After asking around, the old comrade in arms asked Director Sun.
She thought of Qin Rou, who gave her a headache.
Qin Rou also had an amazing record facing Mrs.
Yang, so she casually told her about it and introduced her.


After leaving Director Sun’s office, Qin Rou got a bonus of 20 yuan and five pounds of meat tickets.
It seemed that Director Sun still felt a little in debt to her, so she stuffed her with an oversized enamel cup, saying that it was also a reward for her.

Qin Rou looked down at the enamel cup she was holding, or was it an enamel jar?! The cup was printed with flowers, and there was a big “hi” character.
Visually, it was a large cup of 3,000 ml.

This kind of cup, if one took it to Mixue Bingcheng, they would reluctantly allow it.
If one took it to another coffee shop, it was estimated that they could be kicked out.

(Mixue Bingcheng: famous dessert shop)

Qin Rou weighed the cup in her hand, thinking that the materials used in the era were solid, so maybe the cup would last for decades.

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Seeing that she came out with a huge enamel cup, the eyes of many people in the art troupe fell on her, and Xue Tingting’s eyes also fell on Qin Rou.

Qin Rou smiled at her.
Lin Changyan, who was still talking to her, was no longer there.

Seeing Qin Rou’s smile, Xue Tingting was not happy at all.

When Lin Changyan was chatting with her, he was frequently distracted.
Could it be because of Qin Rou?

Qin Rou failed to marry Leader Yang, so she set her sights on Lin Changyan again? She really wasted her efforts.
But if Lin Changyan and Qin Rou spent more time together, and after understanding her nature, he would never like this empty and beautiful vase.

At the moment, Xue Tingting was looking forward to Lin Changyan seeing Qin Rou’s true face.
But she was surprised that she cared about Lin Changyan.
Before she knew it, she seemed to have a little affection for the young reporter.

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“Qin Rou, what did Director Sun tell you just now?”

“Why are you still holding such a big enamel cup?!”

Qin Rou was holding a large enamel cup.
The picture was so eye-catching.
As soon as she returned to the dormitory, several roommates gathered around her.

She lived in the collective dormitory of the art troupe.
The dormitory room was small.
There were six or seven bunk beds in one room, as well as a few tables and chairs.
Qin Rou slept on the top bunk of an iron bed by the window.

These upper and lower beds were extremely old, with green leather paint peeling off most of them, and they swayed when one climbed up.
Three beds in a row were connected together.
When one person climbed up, all three beds could be shaken together.

“Director Sun gave it to me as a prize.”

“Really? Wow! What a big one!”

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