r, Qin Rou, as a female supporting character who tried to be a stepmother, screwed up the performance and also tried to grab a man with Xue Tingting.

She failed to seduce the male lead Lin Changyan.
Later, she married a bad person, became the male and female lead’s control group, and finally ended bleak.

control group: characters portrayed in negative light to enhance the good qualities of the leads.) 

Qin Rou sneered a few times in her heart.

She used to be a gentle person who didn’t take the initiative to cause trouble, but rabbits could also bite people!

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“Xue Tingting? Huh, reporter Lin is here too?” Qin Rou’s makeup was still on.
She deliberately walked in front of Xue Tingting, opened her lips delicately, and smiled charmingly at Lin Changyan.

Her smile was as bright as a spring flower, and those fox eyes were so captivating that they had an extremely visual impact.
Even Xue Tingting couldn’t help but be stunned for a moment.

When Xue Tingting came back to her senses, she turned around and found that Lin Changyan was dumbfounded, and her face became extremely ugly.

Qin Rou didn’t wait for the two to speak, and said softly in a green tea tone, “I’m sorry.
I won’t disturb you any more, I’ll go to see Director Sun.”

Hearing her tender voice in his ear, his eyes floated again.
With her smile, Lin Changyan only felt his heart pounding for a while.

Her smile lingered in his memory.


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Entering the office to see Director Sun, before Qin Rou said anything, Director Sun raised her eyebrows and asked her first, “How was the performance today?”

Director Sun was a married middle-aged female cadre who had short ears, thick eyebrows, wore a Chinese tunic suit, and held a huge enamel cup with a red-faced fat doll printed on it.

Qin Rou hurriedly said, “I won the first prize.”

The reason why she reported so actively was because the leader had agreed in advance that if the performance was successful, there would be a bonus of 20 yuan and a meat ticket gift!

No matter what age it was, if one were not active in receiving money, there must be a problem with their thinking.

When Director Sun heard it, she was really stunned for three seconds.
In the past few days, people always complained that Qin Rou was not active in practicing.
She didn’t expect that the girl would actually win the award.

It was amazing.

She was old now and her memory was not very good.
As soon as she saw Qin Rou, she remembered that she has to say another thing first:

“Comrade Xiao Qin, put this aside for now.
Now I have a special task for you.”

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