h the fact that she was stabbed in the back by a middle-aged man with a knife that day, Qin Rou had a natural fear of unfamiliar tall men.

When she was on stage, she imagined them as kindergarten children, and then she sang steadily.

Looking back on that scene, she still felt terrified for a while.

Finally surviving the disaster, Qin Rou thought that she still had to quit her job in the art troupe as soon as possible.

It was not difficult for her to be a singer in the art troupe.
Qin Rou liked to sing.
It was common for her to sing and dance as a kindergarten teacher, not to mention that she had studied vocal music for several years.

As early as when she was in college, there were people from the entertainment company who wanted to find her to participate in the star-making audition, but Qin Rou’s parents divorced and she was alone.
She had no background and no rights.
The Entertainment Industry was dangerous.
For fear of being bitten by others, she did not.
So she became a kindergarten teacher after graduation.

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In the 1970s, in the special era, being a literary and art worker in the art troupe was indeed a good job to make a living.

It was just that for the current Qin Rou, the working environment was too bad.
The former Qin Rou had a bad reputation, her colleagues secretly ridiculed her, and there was the female lead Xue Tingting who she didn’t know whether was good or bad…

Qin Rou really wanted to leave that place.

The best choice was for her to change careers and become a teacher.
That was her old job and it was easy to get started, but for Qin Rou, if she was not forced to, she didn’t want to be a teacher anymore.

Qin Rou originally planned to quit her job as a kindergarten teacher.

She had been a kindergarten teacher for a year or two after graduation, and she already got experience with incoherent boys and girls.
These little guys were half angels and half devils.
As a kindergarten teacher, some babies (spoiled brats) angered her.

Primary school students were the upgraded version of Baby Bears.

Junior high school students were rebellious.

High school…the pressure of going to college.

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She didn’t want to be a teacher unless necessary.

No matter how good-tempered she was, whenever she got mad sometimes, a senior told her that she must have patience, otherwise she couldn’t hold down the baby bears.
Qin Rou really couldn’t hold it back.

She also wanted to keep smiling and complimenting the good obedient children but the baby bears in the class were full of tricks.

They were too young to reason with.
If she was too good, she would easily be kicked in the face by the baby bears.
So she didn’t want to continue being a teacher.

The matter of retiring from the art troupe was a long-term plan, and Qin Rou had to find a suitable new job first.


“I can arrange it!”

“It’s a coincidence, we happen to have a girl named Qin Rou, a girl from Chuanxiang, who has a very hot temper.”

“Okay…set a time for them to meet.”

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