Most of the performances were without makeup, but young girls always had a keen curiosity about the kind of thing.
Hoping to be beautiful on the stage, they always seized the opportunity to put on lipstick and draw their brows.

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Qin Rou turned around and ignored Zhang Min.
She took out a small mirror and found a cosmetic bag that she had prepared a long time ago from her green satchel.

 That year, cosmetics were not allowed to be sold outside, and the country had only a few cosmetic production lines, which were specially used by local artists for performances.

 Qin Rou was a beauty-loving person, so she kept some cosmetics in private.

She looked left and right at the quotes of great men posted on the wall, and looked at the green satchel and hat with red star in the corner.
She turned to look at herself in the mirror, especially the pair of familiar fox eyes, and couldn’t help sighing. 

 Little did she expect that she would actually transmigrate in a book, and that too as a female supporting character in a 70’s art troupe.

Yes, Qin Rou was a teacher in a kindergarten in Shencheng a few days ago.
She was teaching children to do a paper-cutting activity when a middle-aged man who was suspected of being a parent suddenly broke into the classroom, intending to stab a child with a knife.

Qin Rou stood in front of the child.
She hugged the little guy to dodge, but was stabbed in the back.
When she woke up again, she became “Qin Rou” in the hospital with a high fever.

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A cannon fodder supporting character with the same name and appearance as her.

 Qin Rou: “…”

In her spare time, Qin Rou would read novels on the Internet to relieve her boredom.
Before the accident, she had just read a novel about an art troupe in the 70s, but she had not finished the book, because she found that there was a supporting female character called Qin Rou whose name and appearance were exactly the same as her own.

That was okay, but the female lead was called Xue Tingting.
When Qin Rou was studying at University, she participated in the Guangdong Province Campus Top Ten Singers Competition and won first place, and Liao Tingting got second place.

 Qin Rou and Liao Tingting had no grievances or hatreds, and had not much contact with each other.
Somehow, they were written into a novel and one became a supporting character, and the other the female lead.

Qin Rou, this fine supporting character, had a beautiful and charming face, but no brains.
She acted like there was no law in the book.
She opposed the female lead everywhere, tried to become a stepmother and robbed the show from her again.
She never practiced singing well.
Just relying on her natural timbre, she made a fool of herself in the performance, was embarrassed, and was rejected by the leaders…

After the development of the story, Qin Rou didn’t continue to read it and laughed angrily.
She couldn’t stand it anymore, the female supporting character called “Qin Rou” was a clown, and would definitely not have a good ending.

If she knew in advance that she would become this fine female character Qin Rou, she  would have definitely read the novel.

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“Qin Rou, have you finished your makeup?” Zhou Xiaoling, who was wearing a rough cloth shirt and was going to perform an act later, walked to Qin Rou’s side and called her, but she happened to see her face.

Suddenly, she was hooked by those fox eyes.

Qin Rou was beautiful, and at the time, she put on a beautiful but not very exaggerated stage makeup, giving advantages to her facial features.

She also had blush on her face, but not exaggerated.
It seemed as if the natural blush smeared on her face after the rain, which was extremely beautiful.

Zhou Xiaoling’s heart rate slowed.
No wonder Qin Rou always said that Zhang Min made her ugly.
From the look, it was true.

 She subconsciously praised and said, “Qin Rou, you look so beautiful!”

 Zhou Xiaoling’s words attracted the attention of the people next to her.
Zhang Min, Zhou Meilan and others also looked at Qin Rou’s face.
There were people who secretly inhaled one after another.

Not to mention the members of their art troupe, another member of the Zhouzhuang area art troupe was also amazed.
A girl who was also a solo singer came to Qin Rou.
She looked at her face and took the initiative to say, “Sister, can you also do my makeup?.”

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Qin Rou smiled and agreed, “Okay.”

She had always been a girl who loved beauty, liked makeup, and had been a beauty blogger for a while.
So she was extremely proficient in beauty makeup, and could do all kinds of makeup, not to mention that she was back in the 70s when makeup techniques were not advanced.

Qin Rou, who knew all kinds of makeup skills, knew very well how to magnify the advantages of a person’s facial features.

 Seeing Qin Rou smiling, the girl gasped, “Your eyes are so good-looking, we don’t have a beauty like you in our group!!!!”

 “You help me to be more beautiful!!”

 There was no girl of that age who did not love beauty.

When Zhang Min saw the makeup on Qin Rou’s face, her face turned extremely ugly.
Zhou Meilan and several others who had makeup done by her felt that their eyebrows were not well drawn.

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She secretly snorted coldly and said to Zhou Meilan, “She has nothing to be proud of, it will turn embarrassing when she gets on stage and opens her mouth to sing.”

 “I haven’t listened to her practice a few times in the past few days.”

“I heard her before, but she didn’t sing.”

One girl didn’t listen, and was still concerned about Qin Rou’s self respect, so she said, “Qin Rou did her make-up herself today, it’s so beautiful.
Zhang Min, you should learn from her, okay?”

 “Bah, I won’t learn from her.”

 “How did she suddenly learn to put on makeup so beautifully?”

 “Maybe she went to learn from her sister.”

 “Her brother-in-law’s family is showy but works on the farm.”

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