he was not clever at all.
With her fox-like face, she could indeed seduce men, but she had a big mouth which spoke her mind, with a strong southern accent.

Some time ago, she climbed up with a regimental leader named Yang.
The regimental leader was thirty-two years old, thirteen years older than her.
His wife in the countryside died early, leaving behind three children.
Qin Rou agreed to marry Yang Tuan to be the kids’ stepmother.

Unexpectedly, within two days, Leader Yang and his old mother from the countryside came to the art troupe to make trouble for Qin Rou, calling her a coquettish fox, a fox spirit, and one who had learned tricks at a young age.

 It turned out that his old mother in the countryside had already chosen a native wife for Leader Yang.
So how could she want her son to be seduced by the fox spirit?

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Yang’s coming to the art troupe had completely ruined Qin Rou’s reputation.
She became a joke in their military region.
It was not nice to be called a fox those days.

Qin Rou’s temper was not tolerable either.
She scolded Mrs.
Yang who had to be hospitalized.
But she had a fever, and the people of the art troupe sent her to the hospital.

 After an illness, the people in the art troupe found that Qin Rou’s character was much more honest.

“Qin Rou, you stole Xue Tingting’s show.
If you can’t sing well, everyone will be embarrassed with you.”

 “It’s almost time to start, you still haven’t asked Zhang Min to do your makeup.” 

The person in charge of makeup in the art troupe was the short-haired girl who mocked Qin Rou before, and she never dealt with her.

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In the past, Qin Rou always disliked the most ugly stage makeup that Zhang Min did on her.
At first, Zhang Min was really jealous of Qin Rou’s charming and good-looking appearance, and deliberately made her ugly.

 Now that Qin Rou was in a bad condition, she hurriedly followed suit.

Qin Rou, who was sitting on the pony, put down the green satchel, got up and said, “I’ll do it by myself.”

Her voice was as crisp as a silver bell, and it was like the melodious sound of a lute plucked from the strings of a pipa, with a different kind of rhythm, very nice.

 Zhou Meilan on the side was stunned for a moment.
She found that Qin Rou spoke Mandarin more standardly, and her voice was softer and more pleasant than before.

 Zhang Min rolled her eyes.
She pulled up her sleeves, crossed her arms and sneered, “Then you can slowly transform yourself, it’s none of my business if you make yourself a ghost.
Girls come over, I’ll do your makeup beautifully.”

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