June 1971, Bincheng, Liao Province, in an auditorium.

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It was originally a warehouse, and the place was very empty.
Later, it was converted into an auditorium, and a large stage was built.
On weekdays, military and civilian meetings, movies, and cultural performances were held there.

A man was adjusting his hat with a red star, and an old cadre over there looked down at his broken watch, which was tied to his wrist with a rope.
With the help of the staff, people would squeeze in and sit neatly.

Members of cultural and art troupes from several districts in Bincheng were busy behind the stage.
That day’s cultural performance was not easy.
It was to be assessed to be selected and awarded.
It was likely to affect the advanced evaluation at the end of the year.

“Qin Rou, you really don’t want to change this solo show?”

Qin Rou didn’t answer, so another person winked at her and responded, “How can this be changed, it’s already reported.”

“If our group lost, who would be criticized by the leaders? Who is the one who will have to write the review letter? After all, it wasn’t us, she was arguing for it.”

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“She didn’t become a successful stepmother, so she must sing this song.”

A girl with a short haircut walked by the three of them, and reminded them, “You have to be careful when you talk, be careful that people can tear your mouth if you talk nonsense.”

“She is from Chuanxiang, and she is very famous.”

“If you know she is famous, how dare you provoke her?!”

After speaking, the three looked at each other and sneered.

After laughing, Zhou Meilan, who was the first to speak and ask, looked at the young girl sitting on a pony who was sorting the green satchel and her eyes flashed with jealousy.

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The girl didn’t wear a hat and had two black braids.
Her hair was the most beautiful among the girls in the group.
It was dark and thick, which made her skin white and delicate.

Her appearance was gorgeous and flamboyant, with a small melon face.
The most attractive thing on her face was her charming fox eyes.
These eyes were beautiful and special.
Every time one saw her, they couldn’t help staring at her eyes.

Qin Rou, the beautiful girl from Chuanxiang in their cultural troupe, was pretty and had a beautiful voice like an oriole.
But she had a bad temper and an annoying personality.

Relying on her beauty, Qin Rou wanted to take the lead in everything.
She still wanted to climb high branches, but s

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