Race Wars

Weather We Wither Without

[Jacob] Eghm! Before we commence, Jack, enlighten our readers.

[Jacobi] Yea, Im siding with them on this one, explain Jack.

[Jack] Oh. Last chapter. So ULF, short-term for ”Unregistered Lifeform ”—they
e creatures, anomalies, entities, deities, dracons, ghosts, spirits, gods whatever—they
e all different races.

[Jacob] Yea, wasn that already established? Get to the good stuff.

[Jack] Well, theyve been here for millennials, living among us.

[Jacobi] Hehe, see whatchu did there.

[Jack] They come in all different ranks: nadir being the weakest, below observer, messenger, apocalyptic and so on. Some are good, extremely good and some are bad, extremely bad. Some are active and some are dormant. On the active side, those are the ones whose escaped the Seal. However the bad side, those are the ones who are subjects to the Seal and/or in custody of the CTA. You see, this world was once ours until its infiltration with all these, all these freaking extras. The worlds like one big, giant melting pot and you have to pick a side. They
e good ULFs unjustly crucified for the actions of the evil ones. Gee, you met one last chapter.

[Jacobi] So these evil ones, how do you deal with them?

[Jack] Its simple really, used it before, Entity Lordship. Im the Lord to All Entities, except the really, really, really powerful ones…ha

[Jacob] And which one would that be?

[Jacobi] Like the time you stopped O Paratiris

[Jack] Look, just roll the chapter.

So the story goes…..

While in his underground bunker deep underneath the trailer Jacks project (he was knitting a web of gold) came interrupted by the erratic commotion above that came from his nephews. Ultimately Jack abandoned this project and left the bunker through a suction cup to the surface. He came to the back of the trailer where there were no grass in the middle—to the boys standing there with a black box at their feet. Jack received a wake up call and thrived to prevent his nephews from closing proximity with the box; Jacobi felt displeased, Jacob on the other hand made a bold query (Whos it from?) given the fact it was just a black box. Jack reacted dumbfounded, then used The Sword explaining to his nephews theres somewhere they need to go; unwillingly Jacob and frustratingly Jacobi followed their uncle through the cut. Meantime, somewhere far, far way at some what of a birds-eye view—the Menace family retained a stalker (Bad Puss In Boots). Bad had been observing our consort through an enchanted spyglass, its safe to say they were the one who also planted the box Jack blatantly dismissed, even after entering the portal.

Arriving in another dimension/realm/land, the Roedvic Realm, apparently a this land possessed similar qualities to a steppe. Jack dragged his nephews far and wide to an abandoned temple hidden across the Nausic oasis between the Fluce Valley. A narrow overgrown boulder in a eerie mountain top marks the entrance to this temple. Beyond the overgrown boulder lies a grand, dank room. Its covered in broken pottery, crawling insects and rubble. Jack, Jacob, and Jacobi all maneuvered the room, Jack clarifying one hand not to touch anything. Both boys grunted, they were always interested in these peculiar adventures, predicaments, whatever but never really got any play.

Jacks torch allowed us to see broken vats and flasks, worn down and spoiled by time itself.

Further ahead were three paths: Jacob wanted to go left and Jacobi said to go right however Jack took the middle. Its twisted trail led passed pillaged rooms and soon they entered a putrid area. There was seemingly endless hole in the center. Around it are what seem like runes. What happened in this place? Jack and his nephews carefully continued onwards, deeper into the temples mysteries. They passed many different passages, most of which probably lead to other depths of this temple. Jack eventually led the boys what was likely the final room. An immense wooden door blocked their path. Messages in strange languages are all over it, somehow untouched by time and the elements. Jack stepped closer to inspect it and.. wait.. he was pretty sure he was being watched, Jacobi sensed it too, Jacob however was more focused on the ancient runic symbols. Nevertheless, Jack and others proceeded through the wooden doors after doing ”his thing. ”

The doors caterwauled as they dragged open on the pavement; dead in the center of the room was an adamantine stand. The stand was vacant and so was everywhere else. This mustve been a joke, though neither Jacob or Jacobi found it humorous. What was the point of coming here then? Jack ensured the boys remained composed in the situation about to play-out. He made a gesture at his larynx (index & middle-finger) commanding whoever through his Supreme Voice to make their presence be known—the echo unbearable. There was Jacobi, he flinched at Jacks voice, clogging his ears in execution pain, whole time whining ”why that power? ” Jacob would beg to differ, between Jacks absurd exclaiming and his brothers complaining, Jacob figured out his uncles aim.

Above them all, an anomaly emerged through the wall: Bad, (But Instead of that bright, fierce orange color, Bad Puss In Boots had all black fur with three, orange horizontal stripes across his back. He also wears his trademark black hat and boots equipped with a slightly altered sword by his waist) he did a cat-fall down the dome-shaped ceilings, appearing to be tossing around an object; he teased Jack ”looking for this? ” Jacob and Jacobi thought ”thats Puss- ” however Jack had his focus on the item at hand. What Bad was tossing up and down, if not the most valuable gemstone across lands, the Rune Stone Therpo (Rune of the unknown: role in universal fate and probability through the evolutionary process of all things). Jacob, quick -witted enough mentioned if the rune was Jacks aim; Jacobi started getting irritated with Bads taunting. When Jacobi felt the urge to blitz Bad Jack restricted from that, his focus back at Bad he inquired whered he get the stone. Bad implied he stole it—he got here before them and stole it.

Jacobi laughed out hysterically, (You, steal from Jack, doubt it) to the point where he almost started choking, also when he saw Jack holding back, then the thought hit him (maybe it was stolen); Jacob second thought that, hence becoming more observant as Jack took the delight in debunking Bads theory ”at best, an hypothesis, ” he said ”tell em Jacob, youve figured it out by now right? ” Jacob picked up the torch, ”Well its a pretty wild guess but my guess is as good as yours. To put it simply, how can you steal something…thats already stolen? ” Jack then added ”Bravo! Bravo! ” Jacobi was probably the only still confused, but Bad caught on quick. He quietly said ”And here I thought there would be a fight, the stone was stolen before I stole it….by who? ” The question silenced the room; Jacob and Jacobi both awkwardly pointed at Jack. Bad rehearsed ”But thats entirely impossible! Ive had my eyes on you from the very beginning. None of you fellows have ever left my sight. Just how? ” Jack, Jacob and Jacobi all gave each other an esoteric glimpse, it was if their minds all thread the same thought.

Now, with Jack and the boys facing us, (meaning Bads back also turnt to us) when zoomed out x2, we see that is all being displayed on a huge screen in an opacus room. It was entirely unclear the specifics of this room but focusing on the screen, the Jack inside spoke a few words ”Eeeeasy, I just stole the stone before you appeared to steal the stone, my regards in almost succeeding, it if it wasn for one incy-bitsy problem…Im watching you, watching me, watching you…you figure that out, the elaborate trep is set. See this, us, we
e just sheeps… the question you need to ask whos the shephard? He led you in this world and now you
e trap forever….don know who to watch forever, and ever and ever. ” Back inside the room we see the screen go black, the show is over.

End of story.

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